April 26, 2016

TNT Unli Facebook (FB) Promo for 3 days only 10 Pesos

To those who want to stay always connected with their Facebook friends by posting comments, likes and sharing you can register to Talk N Text latest FB promo this 2016. The new FACEBOOK10 gives you 3 days FB internet access for only 10 pesos. Just download the app for on Google Play for Android and Apple Store for iPhone or iOS users. Go to your nearest load retailer then reload your TNT prepaid account for P10 and register to this promo to enjoy Facebook access while you’re on the go.

TNT Facebook Promo

How to Register TNT FACEBOOK10 Unli FB Promo

Just text FACEBOOK10 to 4545

Unlimited Facebook access
Only 10 pesos
Valid for 3 days

This TNT FB10 promo is valid unit April 30, 2016. You can also use FB messenger while you are registered to this and enjoy group chat and private messaging with your friend and love ones.

No load to register a promo? You can use  TNT Sakloload – Borrow Emergency Load

On every successful registration you will receive a SMS notification confirming that you are ready to use Facebook promo. Visit TNT website or social media pages for updates on this.

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  1. can we also use video chat in fb messenger in this promo?