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Smart Unli Data 99 and 299 - Unlimited Data Promo for All Sites

Smart now offers UNLI data 99 and 299 promo via the GigaLife app for unlimited mobile internet surfing up to 30 days.
Smart now offers unlimited mobile internet data with the new UNLI DATA 99 and 299 promo. For those who want to enjoy non-stop browsing for up to 7 days or even 30 days, you should…
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Smart now offers unlimited mobile internet data with the new UNLI DATA 99 and 299 promo. For those who want to enjoy non-stop browsing for up to 7 days or even 30 days, you should try this best value offer. You can use it for all sites since it is open access data, streaming, downloading and social media access 24/7 without worrying about how much is the remaining data balance of your account.

Smart Unli Data

Smart UNLI Data 99 and UNLI Data 299 Promo

See details below to see the complete description mechanics to subscribe and check the unli variants you would like to register.

Promo description:

Smart UNLI DATA 99

DataUnlimited data for all sites
Validity7 days

Smart UNLI DATA 299

DataUnlimited data for all sites
Validity30 days

Smart UNLI 5G DATA 299

DataUnlimited 5G data for all sites
Extras3GB data (non-5G area)
Validity7 days

Smart UNLI 5G DATA 599

DataUnlimited 5G mobile data for all sites
Extras12GB data (non-5G area)
Validity 30 days

Smart UNLI 5G DATA 799

Data Unlimited 5G data for all sites
Extras24GB data (non-5G area)
Validity30 days

How to Register Smart Unli Data

For now, the Smart UNLI Data prepaid promo is available via GigaLife app. To register, make sure you have enough load balance on your account and installed the app on your phone.

  1. Login to the Smart GigaLife app using your account.
    Smart Unli Data Dashboard

  2. Tap UNLI DATA.
    Smart Unli Data 99 and 299

  3. Select the promo you want to enroll.
You can also dial USSD code *123# or *123*1# to check if your SIM is eligible to register this promo.

Update: Smart now offers UNLI DATA 125 and 349.

Are you using a 5G phone? 5G-ready SIM and 5G covered area? Check out  Smart UNLI 5G Promos and Smart Internet Promos for 2022.
Fo Smart Bro and PLDT users, you can register to UNLI FAM 999 or via Rocket SIM unli 499 promo.

Smart Unli Data FAQs

  1. Does it have a cap of 800MB? Answer:  No, it's really unlimited.
  2. Still available? Yes, the promo is still available in 2022.
  3. Is it available only for 5G? Answer:  No, it is also available for 3G, 4G and 5G
  4. Can I use it on my Pocket Wifi or Modem? Answer: Yes, register your SIM to unli data and insert it on your pocket Wi-Fi or modem.
  5. I do not have the Unli Data on my GigaLife dashboard. What should I do? Answer: Just wait for an SMS notification from Smart, since it’s not yet available to all.
    Smart Unli Data Select Users

  6. Is this available to TNT or Talk N Text? Answer:  Yes, use GigaLife app.
    Smart and TNT Unli Data

To experience stable and fast mobile internet, make sure you have good quality Smart network signal on your location. Make sure your smartphone supports 4G LTE and or even 5G if it’s already available in your area.

Status and Expiry Date

To check the status of your UNLI Data promo, you can do a balance inquiry by opening the GigaLife app and clicking the Check Usage button then go to the dashboard and you find your current load balance, active promo, points and expiry of your data promo. You can also get the details by dialing *123#, selecting Bal/Services then Check Balance and wait for the SMS notification. For other Smart-related queries and information about this unli data promo extension and availability, you can dial *888 using your Smart/TNT sim or call their hotline (02) 888-1111.


Unknown said…
Wala po sagiga life app kong ganyan ganda pa naman yan para sa kakabili namin na modem
ken said…
if the unlidata expires, can i subscribe again?shifting from 99 to 299, is it possible?
ken said…
can i subscribe again if its expired then shifting from 99 to 299 unli data
ken said…
can i subscribe again if the data expires then shift from 99 to 299 unli data
makmak said…
Aba pinaka matagal na hinihiling ng karamihan binalik
Unknown said…
Its fake my giga life apps only have unli giga not unli data false picture
Unknown said…
bakit wala n po unlidata s guglife apps
Beesgee Sago said…
Hi, only available to select subscribers for now. Thanks
Anonymous said…
Once lang ako nakapag register via GigaLife App, tapos wala na sya sa options nung naexpire
Unknown said…
selected subcriber lang po
Anonymous said…
Unknown said…
my gigalife no have unlidata99
its only for 5g
Anonymous said…
Pwede po ba pang ml or other mobile games yung unli data? The last time kasi nag unli data ko sa other sim ko pero ayaw gumana sa ml
Jadel said…
Hi kaka expired lang ng unli data 299 ko today pero nung mag register na ulit ako not available na yong promo.
Please help me sana maka registered ako ulit kasi need ng mga kapatid ko for their modules at mas nakakatipid kami sa unli data ...
Sana mapansin thanks in advance.
Unknown said…
Depende po siya sa number kung available ang promo.
Unknown said…
i think they are randomly selecting numbers that can purchase this promo. i have 2 smart numbers, one has this promo, the other doesn't.
Unknown said…
When is this promo ending?
Or is it forever in our guga life
Unknown said…
Makakapag register ba ako nito ngayon kahit naka register pa ako sa giga data hanggang sa august 19 pa and expiraedate.
Unknown said…
Tapos na po promo yta nila nung aug.7. Ksi nag reg ako dun sa 99 nag expire nung 9. Tas nag notify na hngang aug.7 lng pla un
Beesgee Sago said…
Select subs lang po sya available, you can try their UNLI 5G via GigaLife app Smart UNLI 5G Promos
Unknown said…
sis mart unli data include games?
Unknown said…
Gudeve,ung rokitsim ng smart sa giga life din ba mgparegester?
Unknown said…
Legit na legit... Lifetime na po ba to? kasi it helps a lot.. especially like me student..
Unknown said…
Bakit di ako maka google meet at youtube sa 299 unli data?????
Markoz said…
Today is invalid id promo na...d na ako mka renew nang 299
Unknown said…
How can I register unli data 99 even there's no on giga app ofder
Unknown said…
Wala na po ba ung promo na unlimited data na 99 or 299
Unknown said…
what is the internet speed of this promo?
Unknown said…
Bakit ganun nag load aq NG regular 100 kagabi tapos tig register ko sa GIGA ALL DATA 99. Tapos ung GIGA apps pala may problema unavailable pero bakit nawala ung 100 load ko.
Unknown said…
Pede po bng hotspot yung unli data sa giga life?
Unknown said…
Hi, when the UNLIDATA offer comes, Can I register a week later since m existing load pa ako?Thanks