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Smart and TNT Unli Data 125, Unli Data 349 Promos

Smart, TNT now offers unlimited internet with UNLI DATA 125 (7 days) and UNLI 349 (30 days) promo.
Smart and TNT SIM users can now enjoy unlimited prepaid data plans with the latest UNLI DATA 125 and Unli DATA 349 promos. You can now bypass the data limit of your regular consu…
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 Smart and TNT SIM users can now enjoy unlimited prepaid data plans with the latest UNLI DATA 125 and Unli DATA 349 promos. You can now bypass the data limit of your regular consumable data promo with new offers. The no capping no speed throttling Smart and TNT unli data is back and now comes with the new price tag. You may now need Php125 to register non-stop unlimited data access to all sites and app for 7 days. You can extend the promo validity to 30 days validity when you register for the higher variant and will now cost you 340 pesos.  They now increased the price from their previous UNLI DATA 99 and 299 package.

Smart Unli DATA 125, Unli DATA 349

It is working on both 4G/LTE and 5G networks which a good advantage to those areas already covered by Smart 5G network. 

Smart UNLI DATA 125 and UNLI DATA 349

You can easily register this promo and its is available to Smart Prepaid, TNT (Talk N Text) and Smart Bro subscribers. You may check the steps on how to register and avail to this promo below and please note that subscribers who received the SMS notifications from Smart/TNT regarding this promotion are surely eligible to register using the following method.

Promo description:

Unli Data 125

DataUnlimited data to all sites and apps
Validity7 days

Unli Data 349

DataUnlimited data to all sites and apps
Validity30 days

Smart Bro Pocket WiFi and Smart Bro Rocket SIM users can also avail unlidata via promo below.

Smart Bro Unli Data 599

DataUnlimited data for all sites and apps
Validity30 days or 1 month

You can purchase a new Rocket SIM by visiting your nearest load retailer or via online.

How to Register Unli Data 125 and 349 Promo

You can subscribe via Smart and TNT GigaLife App and *123# menu.

  1. Open the TNT/Smart GigaLife App
  2. Select the "UNLI DATA" in the app dashboard.
  3. Select your preferred UNLI DATA (125 or 349) promo variant.
  4. Tap on SUBSCRIBE then YES to confirm your registration.

Wait for the text confirmation from Smart/TNT before regarding your promo registration status.

Register via Smart/TNT *123# USSD code menu:

  1. Dial *123# using your Smart/TNT prepaid SIM
  2. Select option for UNLI DATA.
  3. Choose your the promo based on your budget.
  4. Select on Subscribe to confirm your registration.

You will also receive SMS confirmation regarding your subscription.

To check your promo status and expiry date, just open the GigaLife app the go to click on the "Check Usage" button. You can also do it by dialling *123# then select Bal/Services and the choose Check Balance.

To make the most out of your unli data promo, you can use it any mobile network capable devices like Pock WiFi, 5G modem, tablet and other gadgets. Simply insert the SIM and connect you smartphones via WiFi network.

If you haven't receive the SMS regading this new offers, just be patient as they are rolling it now for select SIM card users. Meanwhile, you can register to alternative unli data promo such us UNLI FAM 999 and Smart UNLI 5G offers. For more details and inquiries you can always contact Smart's customer service for help by dialing *888.