Famload Video 999 - 100GB Data for 30 Days

With PLDT Famload Video 999, you have a total of 100GB data that you can use to browse and stream videos online for only Php999.00 pesos up to 30 days
Are you looking for one-month internet promo? With the new Famload Video 999, you can enjoy 70GB of consumable open access data and 1GB data that refreshes every day for YouTube up to 30 days using your PLDT Home Prepaid Wi-Fi. For only 999 pesos, you can browse and connect to the internet using you mobile phone, tablet, laptop and other gadgets without the hassle of loading every 3 days.
Famload Video 999

How to Register PLDT Famload Video 999

You have two options to avail or register to this promo, one is via the PLDT/Smart load retailer and the other is via myPLDT Smart mobile app. Just select your preferred options below if you want to register.

Via Smart Retailer:
  1. Go to your nearest sari-sari store or load retailer
  2. Give your PLDT Home Prepaid SIM Number and top-up FAMLOAD Video 999 promo
Retailer's guide:
Text WFLV(amount) space (PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi SIM Number) send to 4122.
WFLV599 09491234567 send to 4122 
Via myPLDT Smart app:
  1. Download myPLDT Smart app app and register your PLDT Home Prepaid Wi-Fi number.
  2. Top-up regular load that is sufficient to your desired promo
  3. Go to your dashboard. Click the promo and register
  4. You will receive an SMS notification on your dashboard
    Famload Video 999 Promo
Promo description:
  • 70GB open access data (all sites and apps)
  • 1GB data everyday for YouTube for 30 days (30GB total)
  • Price: Php999.00 
  • Validity for 30 days
Try also Famload Video 199 - for 7 days validity.

To check your remaining data balance just open your myPLDT Smart app, then go to dashboard and you find your current balance and expiry of your load and data promo.