Globe GAN4PT Default Username and Admin Password

Here's how you can access Globe at Home Broadband GAN4PT router / modem using admin username and password.
To those who want to access Globe at Home broadband GAN4PT modem/router admin Graphical User Interface (GUI) to tweak known parameters or do some advanced setup, you need to use the admin account username and password to do that. In this post, we are providing you how to and default credentials you can use to access your modem with admin rights.
GAN4PT Admin

Globe GAN4PT Admin Account

It is very important to explore your WiFi network router/modem so you can check the status of your internet connection every now and then. This gives you more options on what to with your network like MAC filtering, port forwarding, DNS setup, Wi-Fi password change and many more. For you to do that, just follow the steps providing below.
How to Access Globe GAN4PT modem using Admin Account
  1. Connect to your WiFi network via LAN or Wireless.
  2. Open your browser and type in the URL address bar then hit Enter.
  3. Click on Setup, the type in the admin account credentials. (Username: admin and Password: 3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e ). Just copy and paste to avoid input error.
    GAN4PT Admin Login
  4. Click Login to enter the router’s admin GUI.
That is it, don't forget to share this post if it helps you. Our next post will be how to Change Globe GAN4PT WiFi Name and Password.
Note: You can always call Globe Customer Service for assistance.


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