TM SurfBoost15 - 1GB data for 15 Pesos, Add-on to EasySurf promos

The TM SurfBoost15 lets you enjoy 1GB of data for only 15 pesos for 1 day on top of your active Easysurf promo.
The new TM SurfBoost15 gives you additional 1GB of data on top of your active EasySurf50 and up promos for 1 day. You ca now enjoy more rounds for Mobile Legends, watch more videos on YouTube, share and post on Facebook and Instagram. For only 15 pesos you can already get more data and browse online the whole day using you mobile phone.
TM SurfBoost15

How to Register TM SUrfBoost 15 Promo

Make sure you have active EasySURF50, 299, 599, 999, 1299, 1999 and 2499 promo to avail this 15 pesos 1GB data add-on. You can check the mechanics below for your reference.

  • EasySURF50 - 1GB data, 1GB/day freebie + Unli allnet texts, Only 50 pesos for 3 days. To register: text EASYSURF50 to 8080
  • EasySURF299 - 2GB data, 10GB freebie, Only 299 pesos for 30 days. To register, just text EASYSURF299 to 8080
  • EasySURF599 - 5GB data, 10GB freebie, Only 599 pesos for 30 days. To register, just text EASYSURF599 to 8080
  • EasySURF999 - 10GB data, 10GB freebie, Only 999 pesos for 30 days. To register, just text EASYSURF999 to 8080
  • EasySURF1299 - 15GB data, 10GB freebie, Only 1299 pesos for 30 days. To register, just text EASYSURF1299 to 8080
  • EasySURF1999 - 30GB data, 10GB freebie, Only 1999 pesos for 30 days. To register, just text EASYSURF1999 to 8080
  • EasySURF2499 - 50GB data, 10GB freebie, Only 2499 pesos for 30 days. To register, justtext EASYSURF2499 to 8080

Via SMS keyword:
  1. Just text SurfBOOST15 then send to 8080.
  2. Wait for the confirmation message from TM.
  3. Turn on your mobile data and enjoy browsing.

Promo description:
  • 1GB Data on top of your Easysurf promos
  • Only 15 pesos
  • Validity for 1 day

To check you remaining data balance just text EASYSURF STATUS then send to 8080. To stop or terminate you subscription on this promo just text EZ STOP send to 8080.