TM EasySurf 50 or EZ50 - 1GB data + 300MB App of Choice for 3 Days

Get 1GB data + 300MB app of choice with TM EasySurf50 promo for only 50 pesos with 3 days validity.
A new promo EasySurf50 intended for TM subscribers with 3 days validity that includes 1GB of data plus app of your choice for only 50 pesos. With this package, you can enjoy additional data allocation worth 300MB from the select applications included in this promo. You can use it to access Facebook, YouTube, Viber, Snapchat and Instagram on top of your 1GB mobile data.
I think this is much better than the SUPERSURF50 promo that only gives you 1-day validity and 800MB data cap limit. The 3 days validity gives you the advantage if you want to save your daily budget for mobile internet instead of spending 50 pesos per day.
EasySurf 50

How to Register Touch Mobile EasySurf50 Promo

This promo is available nationwide and you only need 50 pesos of regular load on your TM prepaid account to enjoy this promo bundle.
Just text EASYRF50 or EZ50 then send to 8080 to subscribe.

Promo nameTM Easysurf 50
Data1GB of Data + 300MB app of choice
Validity3 days
KeywordEZ50 or EASYSURF50
Send to8080

See all denominations for TM EasySurf promos.

To choose freebie just text EZ50 :
Facebook - text EZ50 FB
Twitter - text EZ50 TWITTER
Instagram - text EZ50 IG
Snapchat - text EZ50 SNAPCHAT
Viber - text EZ50 VIBER
For Mobile Legends, Pokémon Go and COC, use the keyword EZ50 GAMES
To check remaining MB or data balance inquiry, just text EZ STATUS then send to 8080. To stop your current Easysurf subscription, just text EZ STOP then send to 8080. You will received an SMS notification from TM regarding the information of your promo.