GoSAKTO200 - 3GB of Data, 2GB GoWatch, Unli Calls and Texts up to 7 Days

Globe GoSAKTO200 promo gives you 3GB data, 2GB for GoWATCH and Play apps, unlimited calls and texts to all networks up to 7 days.
Globe prepaid subscribers can enjoy another call, text and data combo promo with the new GoSAKTO200. It gives you unlimited calls to Globe/TM, unli allnet texts, 3GB of open access data and 2GB for GoWATCH ad Play for only 200 pesos. The validity of the offer is up to 7 days, but once you fully consumed your data allocation before the expiry date, you can register again for another Globe internet promo.
You can also stream your favorite videos and play online mobile game using the allocated data for GoWATCH and Play.

How to Register Globe GoSAKTO200 Promo

You can subscribe to this promo via keyword and Globe Switch mobile app. Just select the best possible options you like below if you want to register.

Via SMS code:

  • Just text GOSAKTO200 send to 8080.

Via Globe Switch App:
  1. Download and install Globe Switch app on Play Store.
  2. Open Switch app.
  3. Go to Offers tab.
  4. Scroll down and select GoSAKTO200.
  5. Click Buy and confirm to register.

Promo description:
  • 3GB of data
  • Unlimited texts to all networks
  • Unlimited calls to Globe/TM
  • 2GB data for GoWATCH and PLAY
  • Price: Php200.00
  • Validity: 7 days

Also available for cheaper option with Globe GOSAKTO150.

You need to install apps included in GoWATCH and Play to avail the freebie. The apps are Mobile Legends, Netflix, YouTube, Disney, ROS (Rules of Survival), AOV (Arena of Valor), COC (Clash of Clans) and more.