Globe GoSAKTO – List of Popular Call, Text and Data Combo Promo

Register with Globe GoSAKTO popular prepaid promo based your needs and budget by dialing *143# on your phone, then send the keyword to 8080.
Globe GoSAKTO menu is the best way to maximize your budget for a call, text and data promo by simply dialing *143# on your phone to create your own.
Subscribing to this method lets you decide how many minutes of call you need, number of texts (within the same network and to all networks), size of data (MB or GB), hour or days of validity and additional exclusive app access.
The good things with GoSAKTO promo is its flexibility and very budget friendly. In terms of validity, you can choose from 1 day, 7 days or 1 week and up to 1 month depending on your budget and needs.
Globe GoSAKTO Promo

List of Globe Prepaid Go SAKTO Promos

If you do not want to go with the usual Globe *143# USSD code dialing process, you can easily browse the list of popular GoSAKTO offers from call, text and surf combo promos provided below.

Name / KeywordDescriptionAmount in Pesos
GOTSCOMBODD90Unli all net texts and 2GB data for 7 days90.00
GOTSCOMBODD70Unli all net texts and 1000MB data for 7 days70.00
GOTXTALLA1050 texts to all networks for 1 day10.00
GOCOMBOEEA20Unlimited call to Globe/TM/ABS Mobile/CHERRY, unli all net text and 20MB data for 1 day20.00
GOCALLA1010 minutes calls to Globe/TM/ABS/Cherry for 1 day10.00
GOCTCOMEA17Unli calls + 50 texts to Globe/TM/ABS/Cherry for 1 day17.00
GOCOMBOAHAF20410 minutes call to Globe/TM/ABS/Cherry, 100 text to all nets and 10MB data for 30 days204.00
GOSURFE50Unli data (800MB daily cap)for 1 day50.00
GOCOMBOIJGB30Unli calls to Globe/TM/ABS/Cherry, unli text to all networks and 30MB data for 2 days30.00
GOCOMBOIJHD95unli calls to Globe/TM/ABS/Cherry, unli all net texts 100MB for 7 days95.00

Note: To subscribe to any of the above promo, you need to send all the keywords to 8080. To stop any of the promo above, just text the keyword GOSAKTO STOP then send to 8080.

You can also access all the offers above by dialing *143# the select GoSAKTO or option 1, go to Discover Promos / option 5, Popular Promos / option 3 then select any listed promo of your choice. You can also create Globe promo online by visiting Globe website.