TM GoSURF50 - 1GB Data, 300MB Apps, Unlitexts to All networks for 3 Days

TM offers GoSURF50 that gives you 1GB of mobile data, 300MB apps of your choice and unlimited text to all networks for only 50 pesos.
Enjoy one of the very affordable promo offer from TM or Touch Mobile for mobile surfing. With your 50 pesos you can register to GOSURF50 and enjoy 1GB of data for up to 3 days. You can also get 300MB of data exclusive for an app of your choice and another 2GB of data for GoWATCH where you get streaming access on YouTube, HOOQ and other online video portal.
They also added unlimited texts to all networks that makes it even better value for the money you spent.

How to Register TM GOSURF50 Promo

You can subscribe to TM GOSURF 50 promo via SMS keyword load conversion or by visiting your Globe/TM load retailers. You can refer to the syntax provided below or use the Easysurf 50 promo code.
Just text EZ50 send to 8080.
Promo description:
  • 1GB data
  • 300 MB for choice of apps*
  • 2 GB for EasyWATCH and Play
  • Unli allnet text
  • Validity: 3 days
  • Price: Php50.00

Here are the list of Freebie 300MB app access keyword (Ex: EZ50 FB)
  • Facebook, just text EZ50 FB send to 8080
  • Twitter, just text EZ50 TWITTER send to 8080
  • Instagram, just text EZ50 IG send to 8080
  • Snapchat, just text EZ50 SNAPCHAT send to 8080
  • Viber, just text EZ50 VIBER send to 8080
  • Mobile Legends, at COC, just text EZ50 GAMES send to 8080
  • YouTube & Dailymotion, just text EZ50 VIDEO send to 8080
  • Spotify, just text EZ50 SPOTIFY send to 8080
  •, just text EZ50 MU send to 8080

To check the status of your freebie, just text EZ50(keyword) STATUS send to 8080. To stop your subscriptions, simply text EZ50 STOP then send to 8080. Make sure to wait for the confirmation message from Globe/TM before you start using the promo to avoid unwanted data charges.