TNT Gaansurf 20 - 3 days Internet access with 200MB data + YouTube

You have 3 days validity with TNT GAANSURF 20 that gives you 200MB of data plus 100MB for specific apps internet access.
With your 20 pesos Talk N Text regular load, you can subscribe to one of their affordable internet promo called Gaansurf 20. You have 3 days validity on your 200MB data allocation plus another 100MB for specific apps (e.g. YouTube, Mobile Legends and FB). A total of 300MB data that you can use to connect to the internet using your favorite apps and websites.
If you are a light data users this promo is the best that you can avail from TNT. You can read your emails, post status on Facebook, chat on Messenger, research on Google and other online activity that requires less data consumption.
TNT Gaansurf 20

How to Register Talk N Text Gaansurf 20 Promo

Make sure you have enough load balance on your prepaid account to register with GAANSURF20 promo. You can use the keyword format provided below for your reference.

Just text GAANSURF20 send to 4545.
Promo description:
  • 200MB of data (Data for All Sites, Apps and Downloads)
  • 100MB for YouTube, FB, Mobile Legends
  • Valid for 2 days
  • Only Php20.00

Other available GAANSURF promo denominations:

Wait for the SMS confirmation from TNT before you start using this promo. Make sure to turn off your mobile phone data when not needed to avoid unwanted bandwidth consumption.