NBA on ABS-CBN Sports+Action and Channel 2 2018-19 Season Schedule

Watch free NBA 2018-19 regular season live games courtesy of ABS-CBN Channel 2 and Sport+Action.
You can now watch live NBA games free on your TV via ABS CBN Sports and Action and Channel 2 broadcast. The 2018-19 season games will tip off next week October 17, 2018 (Philippines Time) where the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers will face each other as the first opening game followed by Golden State Warriors versus the Oklahoma City Thunder.
This year is the 73rd regular season of the National Basketball Association that will end April 11, 2019.

ABS CBN Free NBA TV Coverage

Here is the schedule of NBA on ABS-CBN Channel 2 and ABS-CBN Sports+Action that will be updated from time to time once the schedule of games are publicly available.

ABS CBN NBA Schedule
PHI @ BOS10/17/201808:00 AMABS-CBN Sports + Action, NBA Premium
LAL @ POR10/19/201810:30 AMBTV, ABS-CBN Sports + Action, NBA Premium
LAL @ POR10/20/201808:00 AMNBA Premium, ABS-CBN Channel 2
BOS @ NYK10/21/201807:30 AMABS-CBN Sports + Action, NBA Premium
HOU @ LAC10/22/201809:00 AMABS-CBN Sports + Action
BOS @ OKC10/26/201808:00 AMBTV, ABS-CBN Sports + Action, NBA Premium
GSW @ NYK10/27/201807:30 AMABS-CBN Channel 2
LAL @ SAS10/28/201808:30 AMABS-CBN Sports + Action, NBA Premium
PHX @ OKC10/29/201807:00 AMABS-CBN Sports + Action
MIL @ BOS11/02/201808:00 AMABS-CBN Sports + Action
OKC @ WAS11/03/201808:00 AMABS-CBN Channel 2
NOP @ SAS11/04/201808:30 AMABS-CBN Sports + Action
TOR @ LAL11/05/201810:30 AMABS-CBN Sports + Action
MIL @ GSW11/09/201811:30 AMABS-CBN Sports + Action
CHA @ PHI11/10/201808:00 AMABS-CBN Channel 2
PHX @ NOP11/11/201808:00 AMABS-CBN Sports + Action
BOS @ POR11/12/201810:00 AMABS-CBN Sports + Action
GSW @ HOU11/16/201809:00 AMBasketball TV, ABS-CBN Sports + Action
UTA @ PHI11/17/201808:00 AMABS-CBN Channel 2
LAL @ ORL11/18/201808:00 AMABS-CBN Sports + Action
LAL @ MIA11/19/201807:00 AMABS-CBN Sports + Action
HOU @ DET11/24/201808:00 AMABS-CBN Channel 2
BOS @ DAL11/25/201809:30 AMABS-CBN Sports + Action
LAC @ POR11/26/201810:00 AMABS-CBN Sports + Action
GSW @ TOR11/30/201809:00 AMABS-CBN Sports + Action
CLE @ BOS12/01/201808:00 AMABS-CBN Channel 2
CHI @ HOU12/02/201809:00 AMABS-CBN Sports + Action
POR @ SAS12/03/201808:00 AMABS-CBN Sports + Action

ABS CBN called the broadcast as NBA Sabados where they feature known basketball enthusiast and analyst to host or commentate the live game in our local language. You can also see full NBA Schedule of games by visiting their official website.