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NBA Premium TV 2016-17 Season Games Schedule Philippines Time

NBA (National Basketball Association) Premium TV list and schedule of regular, playoffs and finals season 2016-17 games.
You can watch NBA games this 2016/17 season when you subscribe to NBA premium TV to any cable provider in the Philippines. This is available when you subscribe to Sky Cable/Direc…
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You can watch NBA games this 2016/17 season when you subscribe to NBA premium TV to any cable provider in the Philippines.
This is available when you subscribe to Sky Cable/Direct and Cignal channel both postpaid and prepaid plan. Just choose the right plan where NBA Premium TV is offered, then choose from the HD (high-definition) and SD plan.
Most of us cannot watch NBA live basketball games all time due to work schedule during weekdays. If you don’t want to miss a regular season, playoffs or finals games with your favorite team, be ready when the game coverage is aired at Philippines time.
NBA Premium TV Schedule

NBA Premium TV Games Schedule in Philippines

Due to time zone difference, usual NBA games broadcast in our country start early in the morning to afternoon. To help you manage your time we will provide you the list of upcoming NBA TV game schedule for regular season, playoffs up to finals.

NBA Premium TV Games Schedule
TeamsDatePhilippines Time
Clippers@Bulls03/05/201709:30 AM
Nets@Trail Blazers03/05/201711:00 AM
Warriors@Knicks03/06/201704:30 AM
Jazz@Kings03/06/201707:00 AM
Pelicans@Lakers03/06/201710:30 AM
Pacers@Hornets03/07/201709:00 AM
Celtics@Clippers03/07/201711:30 AM
Trail Blazers@Thunder03/08/201709:00 AM
Lakers@Mavericks03/08/201709:30 AM
Wizards@Suns03/08/201710:00 AM
Bulls@Magic03/09/201708:00 AM
Kings@Spurs03/09/201709:30 AM
Cavaliers@Pistons03/10/201708:30 AM
Lakers@Suns03/10/201711:30 AM
Rockets@Bulls03/11/201709:00 AM
Warriors@Timberwolves03/11/201709:00 AM
Celtics@Nuggets03/11/201710:00 AM
Wizards@Kings03/11/201711:30 AM
Cavaliers@Magic03/12/201708:00 AM
Warriors@Spurs03/12/201709:30 AM
Bulls@Celtics03/13/201703:30 AM
Heat@Pacers03/13/201706:00 AM
Hawks@Spurs03/14/201708:00 AM
Lakers@Nuggets03/14/201710:30 AM
Pistons@Cavaliers03/15/201707:00 AM
Pacers@Knicks03/15/201707:30 AM
Trail Blazers@Pelicans03/15/201708:00 AM
76ers@Warriors03/15/201710:30 AM
Lakers@Rockets03/16/201708:00 AM
Bucks@Clippers03/16/201710:30 AM
Jazz@Cavaliers03/17/201707:00 AM
Grizzlies@Hawks03/17/201707:30 AM
Clippers@Nuggets03/17/201709:00 AM
Rockets@Pelicans03/18/201708:00 AM
Timberwolves@Heat03/18/201708:00 AM
Bucks@Lakers03/18/201710:30 AM
Cavaliers@Clippers03/19/201708:30 AM
Rockets@Nuggets03/19/201709:30 AM
Pacers@Raptors03/20/201706:00 AM
Kings@Spurs03/20/201707:00 AM
Cavaliers@Lakers03/20/201709:30 AM
Warriors@Thunder03/21/201708:00 AM
Knicks@Clippers03/21/201710:30 AM
Bulls@Raptors03/22/201707:00 AM
Clippers@Lakers03/22/201710:30 AM
Pistons@Bulls03/23/201708:00 AM
Knicks@Jazz03/23/201710:30 AM
Suns@Nets03/24/201707:30 AM
Raptors@Heat03/24/201707:30 AM
Clippers@Mavericks03/24/201708:30 AM
Knicks@Trail Blazers03/24/201710:00 AM
Cavaliers@Hornets03/25/201707:00 AM
Hawks@Bucks03/25/201708:00 AM
Timberwolves@Lakers03/25/201710:30 AM
Jazz@Clippers03/26/201703:30 AM
Wizards@Cavaliers03/26/201707:30 AM
Knicks@Spurs03/26/201708:30 AM
Thunder@Rockets03/27/201703:30 AM
Grizzlies@Warriors03/27/201708:00 AM
Trail Blazers@Lakers03/27/201709:30 AM
Cavaliers@Spurs03/28/201708:00 AM
Pelicans@Jazz03/28/201710:30 AM
Bucks@Hornets03/29/201707:00 AM
Warriors@Rockets03/29/201708:00 AM
Nuggets@Trail Blazers03/29/201710:00 AM
Wizards@Lakers03/29/201710:30 AM
Thunder@Magic03/30/201707:00 AM
Pacers@Grizzlies03/30/201708:00 AM
Jazz@Kings03/30/201710:30 AM
Cavaliers@Bulls03/31/201708:00 AM
Rockets@Trail Blazers03/31/201710:30 AM
Pacers@Raptors04/01/201707:00 AM

We will update this NBA Scedule list every now and then, you can save and download this page for offline viewing. Just hit the download or bookmarks option on your browser to save it on your phone storage. (Source: NBA Global)