How to Downgrade Xiaomi XiaoFang Camera Firmware

You can follow the step by step guide on how to downgrade your Xiaomi XiaoFang camera to pervious firmware version.
One of the most affordable smart IP cameras that offers 1080P resolution is the Xiaomi Xiaofang. You can use it as a CCTV at home and view the live footage anywhere as long you are connected to the internet. It also features motion detection recording where it triggers notifications of the recorded video to your smartphone and review it in its cloud storage.
You can also use a memory card or microSD to record video 24/7 and playback anytime you want by using the Mi Home app. To those who are asking if XiaoFang can record videos offline, the answer is a big ‘YES’. No need for a Wi-Fi connectivity to set it to offline recording, but during your first setup your Wi-Fi connection is needed to set up the camera for the first time.
XiaoFang Downgrade Firmware

Downgrade Xiaomi XiaoFang IP Camera Firmware

If you keep updating the firmware some of you may experience problems like unable to detect microSD card, no SD card and unable to format your memory card at all using the app. Others also want to install custom firmware that is why the need to downgrade the current version of Xiaofang. To do that, you need the following.
Class 10 microSD card (FAT32)
Computer or laptop
Paper clip
Steps to downgrade XiaoFang firmware:
  1. Format the microSD card to FAT32. 
  2. Download and extract XiaoFang_FWv3.0.3.56 to the root of your microSD card. (root is the main page / directory when you open the microSD) 
  3. Safe remove microSD card. 
  4. Turn off or plug off the XiaoFang camera.
  5. Insert microSD card to the camera slot.
  6. Push/press and keep holding on the camera setup button. (Use paper clip / others model only need pressing)
  7. Plug- in the camera power cable while still holding the setup button. (Still keep holding) 
  8. Wait for about 2 minutes until the camera starts to speak in Chinese language before you release the button.

That is it.
You can now use the Mi Home app to add your back your camera. Steps above is the best way to reset or restore your XiaoFang camera to factory default firmware.


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