Xiaomi XiaoFang IP Camera Motion Detection Alarm Setup in Mi Home

Setup your Xiaomi XiaoFang Wi-Fi IP camera motion detection security feature to receive alarm notifications when motion is detected.
One of the best feature of a CCTV IP Camera is the motion detection. If you are looking for this feature on your new Xiaomi XiaoFang Wi-Fi IP Camera, we will help you how to do it in just a few steps.
Once you are done with the setup, all you need to do is access the camera then activate the motion detection and alarm settings using the Mi Home app.
You also have the option to set the motion sensitivity to low, medium and high. Once you activate this feature on your camera settings, you can receive notifications every time motion detected. You can play the recorded video on your smartphone while accessing it away from home.
XiaoFang Motion Detection

How to Setup Motion Detection on XiaoFang CCTV IP Camera

One of the security feature I love with this wireless IP camera is the motion detection. It triggers and send you 15 seconds recorded video notifications on your phone via Mi Home app while connected to the internet (works on mobile data or Wi-Fi). You can download and play it to see if what is happening and what is the cause of the motion detected.

Setting up motion detection:
  1. Open your Mi Home App (Android iOS)
  2. Select the online device or Xiao Fang camera you wish to set up for motion detection.
  3. Click on options (3 dots icon on upper right of app screen) to open drop down menu
  4. Select Camera Settings
  5. Go to Alarm setting
  6. Turn on Motion Alarm
    Xiaomi XiaoFang Motion Alarm Settings
  7. Select your preferred motion sensitivity (High means so sensitive in motions)
  8. Set alarm interval to “All day” or you can do a manual start and end time of your motion alarm detection.
  9. Wait for the Success message and you're done.
Tip: To play back the recorded video, just go to options (3 dots on upper right) to open the menu. Select video record to play the motion detected videos.
This setup is best applicable if you are leaving your home or room and you want to monitor what is going on while you are away. As long as you have internet access on your mobile phone, you can receive short videos and notifications every time there’s a motion detected. Please note also that setting the sensitivity triggers almost every little motion that may be annoying to some of you.