TNT TP10 – 10 Pesos Promo with Unlitext Plus Optional Unli Facebook

Subscribe to Talk N Text 10 pesos unli text TP10 promo for only plus calls and SMS to all networks. Add up FB2 to get Facebook internet access for only Php2.00.
If you’re long time Talk N Text subscribers, I’m sure you already use or enrolled the new TNT TP10 10 pesos promo and other unlimited call offers.
This unlitext plus offer cost only 10 pesos for 1 day to text your friends who are using Smart, TNT and Sun Cellular network. Of course there’s more, you can also call them with the 10 minutes call allocation and additional 50 texts to all networks.
You almost have all the communication needs with a promo, but the last missing service we want to a promo is to browse online or access to the internet especially Facebook. Don’t worry about that if you’re subscribe to Talk N Text TP10 as you can have this FB add on that you can avail while registered to this promo.
Talk N Text TP10

How to Register TNT TP10 Promo

Registration can be done via SMS using the keyword for prepaid users and you can also load this promo via retailers nearest you.

Just text TP10 send to 3545

  • Unlimited texts to Sun, Smart and TNT
  • 10 minutes call to Sun/Smart/TNT
  • 50 SMS texts to all networks
  • Load needed: 10 Pesos
  • Validity: Valid for 1 day
Another option is via retailer:
Just text TP10 (space)11-digit TNT mobile number send to 4550
Example format: TP10 09123456789 send to 4550

Once registered, you will receive an SMS from TNT saying that your promo is ready to use.  Please maintain P1 balance on your account to continue using TP10 until it expires.

If you want unli call and text for only 15 pesos valid for 2 days try UTP15.

How to call or dial to use the 10-minute call:
Just dial *3545 + 11 digit TNT/Smart/Sun mobile number
Example format: *354509123456789

To know the latest updates:
Just text SAGOTAGAD to 888 or dial *888 from you TNT cellphone. You can also dial *123# for the latest available TNT promo offers.

How to check your balance:
You can quickly dial *123# or text BAL then send to 214. You can also use the TNT SIM menu the go to My Balance for inquiry of your current promo.

How to add unlimited Facebook (Optional):
Aside from 10 pesos for TP10 and P1 maintaining balance, you need to add 2 pesos to enjoy unli FB using your TNT SIM card.
Just text FB2 then send to 4545
Note: If you want to extend up to 3 days unlimited Facebook access, you can text FB2 up to 3 times. You can also use other apps for 2 pesos like Twitter (T2), Instagram (IG2) and Viber (VIBER2).