Smart Sulit IDD Call Promo – Affordable Rates for 50, 100, 500 Pesos

Smart prepaid offers lowest and very SULIT IDD call promo rates to connect with your family and friends abroad.
When you want to call your love ones abroad Smart prepaid offers most affordable or SULIT IDD rates, with your 50 pesos budget you enjoy lowest international call rates.
It’s now easy to connect to anywhere in the world as long as you are using the right network that gives budget friendly cost per-minute call.  International rates may differ by countries covered by the Smart SULITIDD service, you can refer to respective country to know how many minutes you can use based on your load budget.
We also include the mechanics on how to call abroad using a Smart SIM and how to load your account to register for this promo.
Smart Sulit IDD Promo
Smart SULITIDD Prepaid Card

How to Register Smart Call Abroad - SULITIDD Promo

To subscribe with SULITIDD, you have 4 options on how to do it. The first is via Sulit IDD card, you can purchase it at your nearest load retailer then use the PIN to register. Second is via keyword format where you need to text the code to Smart. Third is the direct load via retailer SIM, just provide your mobile number and they will load it for you. Last is using the Smart Pasaload Service, where you ask for someone to share a SULITIDD load to your account. See below procedure and details below as our reference.

Via Call card:
Buy Sulit IDD load card, lightly scratch the protective ink to reveal the PIN code.
Text LOAD (space) PIN Code then send to 1510.
Wait for SMS successful registration notification from Smart before you start using the promo

Via SMS keyword:
Just the following keyword, SULITIDD50, SULITIDD100 and SULITIDD500 then send it to 8615.  Wait for text confirmation from Smart to know that your subscription is successful.

Via eLoad Retailer:
Just go to your nearest Smart eLoad retailer or reseller and ask to load Smart Sulit IDD eLoad (amount: 50, 100 and 500).

Via Pasaload:
Ask you parents, friends and love ones to load SULITIDD, just follow this SMS format:
Compose a text that contains Mobile Number of load receiver (space) SULITIDDXX send to 808. Where 'XX' is the amount or promo denomination.

Here’s how to make calls from Philippines to abroad with international number using this promo, just dial the given format below.

Dial 00 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number
For mobile number try: Dial 00 + Country Code + Mobile number
Smart Sulit IDD Rates
Sulit IDD rates
Here the table of rates per country:

Per Minute RatesAmount and Validity
P 2.50/minuteUSA, Canada, Hawaii, Guam and Hong Kong
P 5.00 /minuteChina, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Macau and Brunei
P 8.00 /minuteAustralia, Thailand, Japan, Italy, UK, India, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and UAE
$ 0.40 /minuteRest of the world rate(subject to exchange rate)

If you prefer international call and text combo offers, check out Smart Flexi Call and Text promo package.

Do note that this offer may change without notice, for updates, please regularly visit Smart website. To check your remaining call minutes balance for free, just text 1515 then send to 214.