Smart Call and Text Abroad - International (Flexi Call and Text and Talk-A-Lot IDD)

Affordable Smart international flexi call & text services when your subscribe to FCT 30 and 50 pesos promo.
Miss your friends and love ones abroad? Smart offers you affordable international call and text promos i.e. Flexi Call and Text 30, Flexi Call and Text 50 and Talk-A-Lot 300. Never miss to greet them these Christmas or in any special day of their lives with Smart international call and text services. You may see below mechanics on how to register this promo.
Smart Flexi Call and text

Smart Flexi Call and Text and Talk-A-Lot IDD

To register Flexi Call and Text 30:

Just text FCT30 and send it to 433

For P30 you can have 6 minutes IDD (P5.00 per IDD minute) call 6 international texts valid for 3 days to USA, Canada, Hong Kong, China, Guam, South Korea, Malaysia, Hawaii, Macau, Brunei and Singapore.

To register Flexi Call and Text 30:

Just text FCT50 and send it to 433.

For P30 you can have 5 minutes IDD (P10.00 per IDD minute) call 5 international texts valid for 7 days to Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, Japan, Australia, UK, Italy and Taiwan.

For international text promo, you can check out Smart iText-A-Lot.

To register Talk-A-Lot 300:

Just text TLK and send it to 433

For P300 you can have 200 minutes of IDD (P1.50 per IDD minute) calls to USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore.

See more about: Talk A Lot 300 updates and list of countries.


Regular international call rates are $0.40/min.

Regular international SMS rates are P15/text.


  1. May I ask what number to add to be able to make a call with FCT50?

    1. Anonymous6/21/2013

      it doesnt work..some help please

    2. Anonymous3/06/2015

      i also try calling my husband i registered to that it doesnt work he didn't even receive my it says you fully consumed your call credit its a waste of time and money

    3. Anonymous11/29/2015

      how to make idd calls using my talk n text simacard? i follow the instruction of a talk ntext prepaid card, but it doesnt work, i dial the 009664+mobile number pero hinde ako makakonek sa tinatawagan ko,,, please help naman thanks

  2. how many days is the talk a lot 300 valid?

  3. Until now can we use or we can avail this promo FCT50.?

  4. How can I call to Saudi for longer minutes using your FCT promo?

  5. How can I send SMS to UK with FCT50?Do I need any short code to be added?

  6. Anonymous3/15/2014

    how about from philippines to papua new guinea,? is there a promo, please reply

  7. How to Call Smart Flexi Call? give me example please... :(

  8. How to Call Smart Flexi Call give me examples pls? tnx

  9. Anonymous11/11/2014

    hindi nmn gumagana bwesit

  10. Anonymous12/31/2014

    Kamote naman...paanu ba to gamitin ng maayos..sayang lang load ko!

  11. Anonymous12/29/2015

    To use, Dial *6287+00+ Country code+ area code + cp no. ur calling abroad then press call.
    Ex. *6287 00 966 56 1234567
    [spaces not included]


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