February 21, 2015

Smart iText-A-Lot 30, International Text Promo

Guys if you want to say something to your love one s, family and friends abroad start it now with Smart’s international texting promo called iText-A-Lot 30.
For as low as 30 pesos your texts can reach to foreign countries with a validity of 24 hours. By just reloading your Smart prepaid SIM account with 30 pesos, you can send and reply up to 100 text messages. Affordable right? Only 0.30/text to over 55 destinations that includes country in Middle East like Saudi, UAE, Kuwait and Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and more.

Smart iText-A-Lot 30
Smart iText A Lot Promo (image credit: http://twitter.com/SmartPromos)

How to register iText-A-Lot 30, text abroad promo?

Just text iTXT30 then send to 433

Promo details
100 international texts
Amount: 30 pesos only
Validity: 1 day

How to send international text with iText-A-Lot 30 promo?

Create your message then send to using this number format 8989+Country code + Area code + Recipients’ number.

You can now start texting abroad using this promo, if you want call abroad promo from Smart you can check out Talk A Lot IDD and  Flexi Call and Text . For validity and updates you can always check Smart’s website and follow their social media accounts.

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  1. Nakakasend ba siya ng text to other sim sa other country?