Smart iText-A-Lot 30, International Text Promo

Text you family and friends abroad by registering to Smart iText A Lot promo using your prepaid SIM for only 30 pesos good for 1 day.
Guys if you want to say something to your love one s, family and friends abroad start it now with Smart’s international texting promo called iText-A-Lot 30.
For as low as 30 pesos your texts can reach to foreign countries with a validity of 24 hours. By just reloading your Smart prepaid SIM account with 30 pesos, you can send and reply up to 100 text messages. Affordable right? Only 0.30/text to over 55 destinations that includes country in Middle East like Saudi, UAE, Kuwait and Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and more.

Smart iText-A-Lot 30
Smart iText A Lot Promo (image credit:

How to register iText-A-Lot 30, text abroad promo?

Just text iTXT30 then send to 433

Promo details
100 international texts
Amount: 30 pesos only
Validity: 1 day

How to send international text with iText-A-Lot 30 promo?

Create your message then send to using this number format 8989+Country code + Area code + Recipients’ number.

You can now start texting abroad using this promo, if you want call abroad promo from Smart you can check out Talk A Lot IDD and  Flexi Call and Text . For validity and updates you can always check Smart’s website and follow their social media accounts.


  1. Nakakasend ba siya ng text to other sim sa other country?


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