Share Talk N Text Internet Data, Call and Text Promo via Pasaload Plus

Share a Talk N Text internet data, call and text promo to another TNT mobile number using Pasaload Plus.
If your friend and love one’s are out of load balance, here’s a quick guide that you need to take note.
This is applicable to all Talk N Text prepaid users nationwide who want to share a load or data promo to another TNT mobile number.  Yes, it’s now possible to Pasaload an internet, call and text promo for only P1 charge per successful load transfer.
TNT Pasaload Plus

This is almost similar to Smart Pasadata but with Talk N Text you can only share a data package for now e.g GIGASURF, Flexitime and BigBytes promo.

How to Share a Load or Pasa Data TNT Promo

Load sharing is simple and easy, all you have do is key in the TNT/Smart prepaid 11-digits mobile number, then keyword of the promo you are trying to share.

Update, you can now share data to your friends with Panalo Data 60.

Just PASADATA (space) 11 digit number (space)Amount in MB.
Ex. PASADATA 0912123467 500MB  

Pasadata KeywordShareable Data

To share a promo:

PASALOAD (space) 11-digit TNT/Smart mobile number (space) (Promo Keyword) then send to 808

Sample message format:

PASALOAD 09189876543 GIGA50 send to 808 

Do note that not all TNT promos are shareable, to know the list of available Pasaload Plus packages just check the table below for your reference.

BIG5Big Bytes 5 - 5 MB data for 1 day
BIG10Big Bytes 10 - 40 MB w/ 200 MB Spinnr for 1 day
BIG15Big Bytes 15 - 40 MB w/ 300 MB Spinnr for 2 days
BIG30Big Bytes 30 - 40 MB w/ 400 MB Spinnr for 1 day
GIGA50GigaSurf 50 - 1GB w/ 300 MB app content streaming for 3 days
BIG99Big Bytes 99 - 1GB w/ 300 MB Spinnr and more for 30 days
FLEXITIMESee Flexitime promo keyword
AT10All Text 10 - 75 SMS to all networks w/ 5MB for 1 day
AT20All Text 20 - Unli text to all, 20 minutes TRI-NET call w/ 15 MB for 1 day
AT30All Text 30 - Unli text to all, 30 minutes TRI-NET call, w/ 20 MB for 2 days
GT10GaanTxt 10 - Unli text to all for 1 day
AM15AM15 - Unli text to all, 60 minutes TRI-NET call, w/ 100 MB for 1 day

Every successful transaction cost P1 and both users will receive an SMS notification regarding the details like validity, amount, promo name and time of expiry.