Smart offers TALK 500 – Unlimited Call Promo for 30 Days or 1 Month

Unlimited Smart and TNT call when you register to TALK 500 promo valid for 30 days.
You can now do a one-time registration for your voice call need with Smart’s TALK 500 promo. It offers 30 days unlimited calling to friends and love ones who’s on the same network.
By loading your prepaid account worth 500 pesos via load card or online, you can easily register to Smart TALK 500.
Just use the keyword or log in with your mySmart account, then look for a voice call option and browse for 1 month call promo.

Smart TALK 500

How to Register Smart TALK 500 Promo

Just remember this code or command for registration and remember to maintain P1 load balance to start using this call promo.

Just text TALK500 send to 9999

Unlimited calls to Smart and Talk N Text (TNT)
Price: 500 pesos
Validity:  30 days or 1 month

This promo is suggested to those who are running their small and online business that frequently communicate to their clients. This can be also a good load allowance for student who are studying away from hometown for them to call their family and love ones.


In case you can’t use all month, there’s another unlimited call promo called Smart TALK100 that you can register for only 100 pesos with 30MB of internet data for browsing.