Wednesday, July 3, 2013

SMART TALK 100 promo offers 5 days unli call to Smart and Talk N Text

Register to Smart unlimited call promo with 5 days validity period for only 100 pesos. You can now call your love ones and family on your busy weekdays. No need for you t register to a promo every time you call, with this you can call and talk to them anytime you wish without worrying per minute call rate. Not just for Smart (Buddy) contact numbers, you can also call your friends who are using Talk N Text SIM.

If you’re not contented by just calling them, we can give you a tip. Why not register to  Smart Unlisurf promo? Say hi to their Facebook profile, tweet them with your very best pick up lines and more. Just click on that link to register unlimited internet browsing from Smart.

Anyway, going back to Smart Talk 100 promo you can register to this service by simply texting and following the how to instructions below.

Smart Talk 100 promo
Smart Talk 100 endless talks!
How to register SMART TALK 100 promo?

Just text TALK100 to 6400

Unlimited call to Smart
Unlimited call to Talk N Text
Only 100 pesos
Valid for 5 days

SMART TALK promo is also available for longer expiration date of up to 30 days that comes unlimited call to Talk N Text and Smart by registering Smart Talk 500. To register just text the code or keyword provided below.

Just text TALK500 to 6400


30 days unlimited call and text for only 500 pesos


  1. Anonymous6/12/2014

    My Phone number is 09294300295Its already been 3days since I've registered for the TALK100. Until now, I can't call. The operator keeps on saying "YOUR NUMBER CONNOT BE COMPLETED AS DIALED. PLEASE CHECK THE NUMBER AND DIAL AGAIN". I'm so frustrated.

  2. Anonymous6/23/2014

    why i cant register in talk100?

  3. Anonymous6/24/2014

    Unlicall ba tlga to.? Ilng twag lng ako nd na pwd.? Anu pong nngyyri? :-(:-(:-(

  4. type *2266+(the eleven numbers)
    example: *226609086090065

  5. Anonymous9/26/2014

    Tnx TheSent29 u.answer my question

  6. Diko magamit ng matinp ngaun d aq makatwag my code pa

  7. Anonymous1/11/2015

    bakit laging npuputol tapus after a while call ended na daw dna uli ako makatawag :-(