Globe DSL Prolink Router Default Admin Password and IP Address

Tutorial on how to access your Globe Prolink DSL broadband modem router using the admin account and web interface IP address.
If you avail Globe DSL Broadband plans they usually bundles free landline and router modem with Wi-Fi capability.
That’s a plus nowadays as home or residential and business subscribers mostly owns wireless capable device e.g. tablet, smartphones and laptops to access internet. Almost all of us prefer to have a Wi-Fi connection at home for convenience than using wired connection directly to the router.

Globe Prolink Admin
Configuring your Globe router to enable WiFi, set password, port forwarding, Firewall, maintenance, firmware update, QoS and other configuration need administrator account or root user. But the sad thing is that Globe installer and technician usually doesn’t give you the account with full access to your router. They only give the user account that has limited access to your Globe DSL broadband router modem dashboard. For you to access advance web GUI settings you need to access the IP address and admin account, check our below for your reference.

How to Access Globe DSL Broadband Router Admin and IP Address

This tutorial mostly works on all Globe DSL modems with brand like Prolink H5004NK, Hurricane, Aztech (DSL5001en and DSL5018en), Tattoo and other brands. There may be a slight difference on how you access the router IP but you can configure to your desired address.

  1. Connect to your device (laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet etc.) to your Globe DSL modem using wireless or wired connection.
  2. Open your internet browser (Google Chrome, Firefox IE, Edge and other browser), go to URL address bar.
  3. Type Globe router modem default IP address which is then hit enter or click go.
  4. When it prompt for username and password type admin account (Username: admin Password: 3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e)

If the login is successful you can now see more tabs on your Globe Prolink dashboard e.g. setup, status, service, firewall and more. You can now also configure and change your default WiFi password to create new stronger credentials. There’s also an option where you can use the MAC filter and hide SSID that gives a little more security on your Globe DSL router.

If you can’t access your router page using IP, you can also try then use the same admin credentials given above. If hitting enter only displays your dashboard or web interface, try clicking setup button to access admin settings.


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