How to Change Globe Broadband Prolink H5004NK WiFi Password

Follow the steps on how to change your Globe Broadband Prolink H5004NK modem default Wi-Fi password.
If you apply for Globe DSL broadband to get a stable internet connection at home, they will provide you free WiFi modem router along with a landline unit.
Globe offers an affordable broadband plan that starts at 999 pesos monthly with 1Mbps speed, plan 1099 with 2Mbps and 1199 at 5Mbps with 100GB monthly data allocation. If you want a higher plan they also offer 10Mbps up to 1Gbps speed and availability will depend on your area or location.

With your DSL is installed and ready to use, a technician or installer usually gives you the landline number and default Wi-Fi password for you test the working internet connection. Once you confirm that everything is working fine they will leave you with few reminders like, you can their hotline in case of internet trouble and if you want other details just look into the manual they provided. What if you want to change your default WiFi password on your modem?
Prolink H5004NK WiFi

Steps to Change your Globe DSL Prolink Modem WiFi Password

In this tutorial we are using the Prolink H5004NK model, using other Prolink modems may slightly differ in terms of the interface, but the menu and concept of changing the default may be almost the same. You can also refer to easy start guide or manual to set up your modem that is included on the modem’s box before you start the configuration to have an idea before change anything. Okay, let’s proceed to change your default Wi-Fi password.

  1. Connect to you Wi-Fi network using your laptop, computer or smartphone (Android, iOS)
  2. Open your internet browser (e.g. Chrome and Firefox) then type the IP address of your modem its and hit Enter.
    Change Globe WiFi Password
  3. You will be redirected to your Prolink ADSL Wireless Router web interface, scroll down and click on Setup to enter configuration page.
  4. It will ask for username and password, use the credentials username: user and password: user. You can also use administrator account to login with root privilege.
  5. Click on Setup tab, go to WLAN and click on Security.
    Change Globe Prolink H5004NK WiFi Password
  6. On Pre-shared Key text field type your desired new Wi-Fi password.
  7. Once done, click on Apply Changes to save.

After you apply the changes you will automatically disconnect if you’re doing this stuff via Wi-Fi. Reconnect to your wireless network, then type the new WiFi network password and that’s all.

If you change your WiFi name (SSID) and password, you need to forget the previous network on your phone, laptop and PC avoid problem when you connect again to your new wireless network.