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Talk N Text UTP150 Unli Text to Smart, Sun and TNT for 1 Month Promo

If you're Talk N Text subscriber, you can enjoy 1 month unlimited texts(UTP150) promo for only 150 pesos. Includes TRI-NET calls and text to all networks plus 30MB internet data.
Talk N Text has a new promo code for their  30 days unlimited text plus 150 minutes call to Sun Cellular, TNT and Smart network. Aside from added call you can also enjoy 150 free  tex…
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Talk N Text has a new promo code for their 30 days unlimited text plus 150 minutes call to Sun Cellular, TNT and Smart network.
Aside from added call you can also enjoy 150 free texts to all networks that makes it more affordable unli text promo. Here’s more with your 150 pesos, you’ll also get 30MB per day of internet data consumable for 1 month when you use Facebook, Viber and Twitter application.
Unli text for 1 month Promo
150 pesos TNT Unlitext for 1 month Promo (image credit:

How to Register TNT UnliText Promo for 30 days

Just text UTP150 to 4545


  • Unlimited texts to TNT, Sun Cellular and Smart
  • 150 minutes TRI-NET calls
  • 150 texts to all networks
  • 30MB per day on selected apps (FB, Viber and Twitter)
  • Valid for 1 month
  • Amount: 150 pesos

If you’re a retailer, here's how you can load this promo using the code below:

U150 (space) (TNT number) then send to 4540
RTSUT150 (space) (TNT number) then send to 4540

Both load customer and retailer will receive SMS notification regarding successful load transactions like details of the promo, time and expiry date.

How to call?
Just directly dial the 11-digit Smart/TNT/Sun mobile number of the person you are trying to call.

To know the latest updates:
Just text SAGOTAGAD to 888 or dial *888 from you TNT cellphone. You can also dial *123# for the latest available TNT promo offers.

How to check your balance:
You can quickly dial *123# or text BAL then send to 214. You can also use the TNT SIM menu the go to My Balance for inquiry of your current promo.

How to activate your mobile internet?

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Data Usage or Cellular Data.
  3. Turn on or enable Mobile Data

For a much cheaper unli call and text plus promo, check TNT UTP15 with 2 days validity. 

To the bundled free daily MB of data, all you need to do is turn on your mobile data then open the select apps with free access included in this promo.

If you want unlitext to all networks for 150 pesos, try TROPA150 with daily Facebook access plus 60 minutes daily calls.

Once you successfully registered to UTP150 promo, you will receive a notification that you can now enjoy unlimited texting good for 30 days. You may confirm by checking your load balance, if your regular load is already deducted then your good to go. This promo is valid until September 30 2016, for updates you can visit TNT website and social media pages to inquiry.  


Unknown said…
How to use the 150mins call?
Anonymous said…
dial directly
Anonymous said…
how to check balance of the 150 mins call?
Anonymous said…
Just normally check your balance. Nakalagay po dun kung ilang minutes nalang natitira
Unknown said…
all branches ba ng jollibee pwede i-claim?
Unknown said…
is there unli call and text that valid for 30 days???
Anonymous said…
ppwede ba ito iregister sa smart?
Unknown said…
How to deactivate this promo? i am currently registered in this promo and i want to stop it
kcda said…
How to call? i already registered but cant use the call
Anonymous said…
I can't register... It's always sorry for the inconvenience
Unknown said…
This promo works for me.. I love it... thanks TNT
Unknown said…
pag tpc retailer po ba u150 parin ba yung code na gagamitin?
Anonymous said…
I've been using this promo ever since it began and now why did they removed the free facebook?
Unknown said…
How to stop this load? I want to register another one.
Unknown said…
Please po, reloader ako. Bakit kpag nag rtsut ako hindi mka send. Any shortcut pra direct sa load hindi mka send, i dont know if sa phone or yung sa sim.
Anonymous said…
I just loaded this promo and I can't connect to 30mb data per day.
Unknown said…
Available pa ba tong promo na to?
Unknown said…