Talk N Text Alden and Maine 'ALDUB' Load Unlitxt to All Networks Promo

Register to TNT’s trending promo in line with their latest endorser Maine and Alden also known as ALDUB. You’ll enjoy unlimited text to all networks plus call and internet access to your favorite mobile applications.
You must be an ALDUB fan or an avid Talk n Text (TNT) promo subscriber that’s why you’re here on this page.
If you’re looking to register unlimited text to all networks promo, try out MAINE 30 and the Alden Maine AM15.  With that 2 given promo you can either register to 5 days or 1 day unlitxt to all networks depending on the amount loaded on your TNT prepaid SIM.  You’ll also get more on your 15 pesos with AM15 as it also includes 60 minutes TNT, Smart and Sun Cellular calls plus free internet access on your favorite apps like Clash of Clans, Facebook, Twitter, Viber and Dubsmash.
Talk N Text Aldub Promo
Alden and Maine aka ALDUB on TNT AM15 Promo (image credit: TNT)

How to Register Alden and Maine MAINE30 and AM15 Promo


Just text MAINE30 to 3545
Get 5 days unli text to all networks
Amount: 30 pesos

Just text AM15 to 4545 or you can use the keyword GU15 to 4545

Unlimited all net texts
Free 60 minutes call to Sun, Smart and TNT
Internet access of up to 100MB in COC, FB, Twitter, Dubsmash and Viber app
Valid: 1 day
Amount: 15 pesos

You can also extend this promo, see How to Extend Talk N Text Promo.

Once you’re registered to this promo, you will receive a notifications from TNT saying that you are already subscribe including the details of your load expiry.