Smart PasaData Share Internet Data Promo via Pasaload Plus

Share and send Smart internet to your friends and love ones by using their latest Pasadata service which also called Pasaload Plus. Check out the mechanic on how to try this promo.
Here’s another way to bypass your 800MB daily data limit with Smart Surfmax by using their PasaData promo.
You can now send internet promo from to any of your friends Smart prepaid number by simply following the keywords and instruction we provided below as your reference. 

This service works almost the same way as their Pasaload where you can send regular load to your friends in just a few steps.
Smart Pasadata
Smart Pasaload Plus or Pasadata

How to Use Smart Pasadata to Share Internet Promo

To send internet promo just follow the format provided below. This works on Smart Bigbytes, Opera and Flexitime internet surfing promo.

Update, share data to your friends 
by texting PASADATA (space) 11 digit number (space)Amount in MB. 

Ex. PASADATA 0928123467 300MB

Just type the (11 digit number of the load receiver) space (promo code) then send to 808

Sample format:

09281234567 BIG50 send to 808

See Smart Bigytes Promo bundles

09281234567 FLEXI50 send to 808

See Smart Flexitime Promo bundles

Once you completed the Pasaload service, the load recipient will be notified by SMS saying that he/she received particular amount of data. You may now start browsing once you receive the load from your friends and love ones. This promo is available to Talk N Text and Smart prepaid users. For validity and updates do check out their website and social media pages.