February 8, 2013

How to Pasaload and Ask A Load for Free in Smart and Talk N Text (TNT)

Out of load? With Smart you can ask your friend and loves ones to share their load to your mobile number in case you need a regular load for important reason. Share a load to another mobile number or pass a load ‘Pasaload’ is a smart feature for, our local network company. If you’re out of load or zero balance, you can still ask a load with Smart’s ask for a load service. 
Smart Pasaload

Pasaload or Share a Load and Ask A Load Instructions  

Pasaload lets you share your regular load or even promo like 100 texts to the person who’s in need of a load or that person is on a remote area where no loading station is available. Here are the steps and procedure on How to share a load or Pasaload and even ask for a load for free in Smart and Talk N Text. 

For Smart and Talk N Text


Type ❮receiver’s cellphone number❯ ❮amount you want to share❯ and send to 808

Example: You want to share P5 worth of load to your love one.
Just create a new message and follow the format below.

 09289012345 5 send to 808

This Pasaload or Share a Load procedure applies to Smart to Smart, Smart to Talk N Text (TNT), Talk N Text to Talk N Text.

How to Pasaload or Share a Load Smart All Text 30 and All Text 20?


Type ❮receiver’s cellphone number❯ ❮space ❯ ❮AT20/AT20❯ and send to 808

Just create a new message and follow the format below.

09289012345 AT30 send to 808

AT30 - Unlimited SMS to all networks, 30 mins of calls to Smart/TNT/SUN and 20MB internet data

AT20 - Unlimited SMS to all networks, 20 mins of calls to SMART/TNT/SUN & and 15MB internet data

How to Ask a Load in Smart?


Just dial *808+<11 digit SMART mobile number of your friend> and press call to ask for P5 load.



Smart updated their Ask a load instructions check out How to Borrow a Load from Smart - Call, Text and Internet Promo.

You may also read Smart Emergency Load and Other Services and How to Avail SMART Emergency Load.

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  1. Anonymous3/22/2014

    Lahat Text 20 or 35 NOT valid transaction.
    No Pasaload for Lahat Text!