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Smart PasaData - How to Share MB’s of Your Data Promo

With Smart Pasadata you can share MB's of your data promo to your friends and love ones in case they need to connect to the internet.
The Smart PASADATA function lets you send internet load with minimum of 50MB data per transaction to your friend and love ones mobile number. The same concepts with  Pasaload  where…
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The Smart PASADATA function lets you send internet load with minimum of 50MB data per transaction to your friend and love ones mobile number. The same concepts with Pasaload where you need to follow the format then send to a particular number using your prepaid account. Smart recently launched their bigger promo called Giga Video that comes with 1GB of shareable data for only 50 pesos with up to 299 pesos cost for the higher denomination.

Smart Pasadata

For Giga Video 50, formerly (Gigasurf), you are given 1GB of data and you can share it to your family and friends by simply. The data receiver can use the shared open access data for browsing, video streaming in YouTube, iFlix, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and more.

Smart Pasadata

Share is very simple and easy with Smart Pasadata, all you need to do is register to any Giga Video Promos and other offers that includes shareable data via *123# or using GigaLife app. Just follow the format below for your reference.

How to Use Smart Pasadata

Just text PASADATA (space) 11-digit Smart Mobile Number (space) Amount/no. in MB's then send to 808. (Note: 11-digit of recipient's mobile number)

Sample format: PASADATA 09281234567 800MB send to 808.

After a successful transaction, you and data receiver will receive an SMS text from Smart regarding the shared data. Sender will be charged with P1.00 per transaction.

Who can avail Pasadata?

Pasadata and Share a Data service are only applicable to Smart Prepaid and TNT subscribers.

Pasadata Expiry or Validity

Pasadata is only valid for 24 hours or 1-day regardless the amount. Shared data cannot be transferred back to sender or to another mobile number. Passed data can only be passed once.

Pasadata Promos

You can send a data promo or load, just text PASALOAD (space) 11-Digit SMART or TNT NUMBER (space) KEYWORD to 808.

(Example. Pasaload 09191234567 GVD99 and send to 808).

Pasadata Load Promos

GIGA VIDEO 501 GB VIDEO Everyday + 1 GB + Unli Allnet TextsGVD50₱503 days
GIGA VIDEO 991 GB VIDEO Everyday + 2 GB DataGVD99₱997 days
GIGA VIDEO 2991 GB VIDEO Everyday + 4 GB DataGVD299₱29930 days
GIGA VIDEO+ 751 GB VIDEO Everyday + 1 GB + Unli Allnet Calls & TextsGVT753 days₱3.00
GIGA VIDEO+ 1491 GB VIDEO Everyday + 2 GB + Unli Allnet Calls & TextsGVT149₱1497 days
GIGA VIDEO+ 4491 GB VIDEO Everyday + Unli Allnet Calls & TextsGVT449₱44930 days
GIGA STORIES 501 GB STORIES Everyday + 1 GB DataGST50₱503 days
GIGA STORIES 991 GB STORIES Everyday + 2 GB DataGST99₱997 days
GIGA STORIES 2991 GB STORIES Everyday + 4 GB DataGST299₱29930 days

Note: Video Everyday includes YouTube, NBA TV, iWantTFC, Cignal Play while Stories includes everyday access to TikTok, IG, FB, Twitter, Kumu. Pasaload pasadata follows the validity period of the promo.

If Pasadata transaction process failed, you will also received a SMS from Smart and please check if you have enough data balance using the balance inquiry method or just dial *123#, select Balance/Services, double check if the recipient mobile number it correct and valid to avoid unwanted load charges on your account. Do note that you cannot share below 50MB of data and free data Video Every access included included in Giga Video promos.