July 25, 2016

How to Use Smart PasaData to Share MB’s of Gigasurf Promo

Smart recently launched their bigger promo called GIGASURF with 50 pesos and 299 pesos denomination.
For GIGA50, you are given 1GB of data and for GIGA299 it lets you enjoy 1 month internet usage with 2GB allocated bandwidth. Both include limited free video streaming that you can use in Youtube, iFlix, Vimeo and more. What make it bigger is that you can share MB’s of data with this promo to your friends and love ones. The PASADATA function lets you send internet load with minimum of 50MB per transaction. The same concepts with Smart Pasaload where you need to follow the format then send to a particular number using your prepaid account.

Smart Pasadata Gigasurf

How to Share Gigasurf DATA with Smart Pasadata

In this sample format we use the GIGASURF promo as our basis to share internet data to other Smart number.

Just text PASADATA [space] [11-digit Smart Prepaid number of Recipient] [space] [No. of MB’s]MB then send to 808

Sample format following above:
PASADATA 09281234567 800MB send to 808

Every Pasadata or share a data transaction is chargeable by P1 and data shared is valid only for 1 day. You cannot share below 50MB of data and free data for streaming is not shareable to others. 

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