Talk N Text Flexi 30 and 50 International Call and Text Promo

You want to call your friends and love ones abroad using your Talk N Text sim, just register to their Flexi call and text promo for only 30 and 50 pesos you can send IDD SMS or voice message.
Never miss to call and text your loved ones abroad using your Talk N Text sim.
No need to spend more just to hear their voice and read your messages with TNT FLEXI30 and FLEXI50 promo. For only 30 pesos you can easily connect with them thru text or call even if they are working abroad. If you want more texts and minutes, you can register to 50 pesos FLEXI promo.
Talk N Text Flexi Call and Tex
TNT Flexi30 and Flexi50 Promo

How to Register TNT Flexi Call and Text Promo

For Flexi 30:

Just text FCT30 then send 433

6 international text or 6 minutes IDD call
Amount: 30 pesos
Validity: 3 days
Countries covered: United States, Canada, China, Guam, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea

For Flexi 50:

Just text FCT50 then send 433

5 international text or 5 minutes IDD call
Amount: 50 pesos
Validity: 7 days
Countries covered:  Australia, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and UK

Just remember the keyword when you register to this promo and do note this promo validity and packages included may change without notice. You can visit your nearest TNT load retailer or visit their website and social media account for updates and inquiry.


  1. how about non-covered countries could I still use thesaid promos? how about in Senegal


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