How To Change PLDT P-2612HNU-F1F Router Admin Password

Change the default admin account of PLDT provided ZyXel P-2612HNU-F1F to secure your router configuration page.
If you applied to PLDT myDSL Booster plan package that ranges 9 to 10 Mbps upload speed I expect that you are using ZyXel P-2612HNU-F1F router / modem bundled free.
Some other users of this model are those who availed 5 useable static IP’s /29.  For you to configure this device you are given 2 accounts the ‘admin’ and ‘adminpldt’. The second admin account gives you administrator privilege where you can see all the options to maintain the router.  We don’t advise you open the admin account in case you don’t know what you are doing as this may result to disruption of your internet connection.

Here we provide instructions if you want to change the password of the admin account which you are currently using just follow the steps provided below.

PLDT ZyXel P-2612HNU-F1F User Account

How to Change P-2612HNU-F1F Default Admin Password

Open your browser.
  1. Type
  2. Go to Maintenance then User Account
  3. You’ll see a drop down list of accounts, select adminpldt if you want to change its default password. If you want to change the admin just select admin on username field.
  4. Type current or old password, then provide new desire password and confirm by typing it again. (Note: be sure to remember your new password prior to clicking apply button so you won’t end up resetting you router or modem)
  5. Click Apply.
You may check screenshot above for your reference.


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