How To Setup PLDT myDSL on WiFi Using Linksys Wireless Router

Here's how to setup your PLDT myDSL modem to Linksys WRT54G2 wireless router via PPPOE method.
Here’s how  I setup my PLDT myDSL internet with Wifi Router (I’m using Linksys Router WRT54G2). My PLDT myDSL modem is Zyxel P-600 with PPPOE connection type. To setup your PLDT myDSL modem with WiFi router you may follow the steps below as your reference.
Select Internet Service

Let’s just assume that your already had an internet connection running using your PLDT myDSL. If your want to have a Wifi enabled internet connection all your need to do is purchase a wireless router (Linksys, TP-Link, CDR-King Router, etc) and use your existing PLDT myDSL to setup  a Wifi connection.

Install and Setup your Linksys Router with PLDT MyDSL

We already posted step to configure your Linksys router (in our case we uses WRT54G2 model to setup with PPPoE DSL from PLDT.

Follow steps 1 to 8 in here

After step # 8, you will be ask to select about Internet Service Provider Information, just select Telephone (DSL).

After above step click Next, you will prompted to select connection type of your existing internet connection.
If you are using username and password from PLDT select PPPOE, or if your are using other type select it to proceed to next steps. In my case I use PPPOE.

Linksys PPPoE

Input your Username and Password given by PLDT, in case you don't know your credentials you call PLDT. Then click Next
Connection Options Linksys

Click Next

Configure Linksys Router

After doing all the above steps proceed to Step # 9 -16 in here.

Lastly, configure you router by following the steps here (lower portion of the post).