October 24, 2012

How To Set WiFi Password On MF30 Global Mobile Hotspot (PLDT Negosyo Boost Modem)

In this post, we will setup WiFi password for your MF30 modem to secure your internet connection. If you avail Negosyo Boost Internet Anywhere, a wireless modem will be issued  for you to connect to the internet. By default, PLDT set its wireless security to open network. To help you set or secure you WiFi connection you may follow the steps below.

1. Power On the device (MF30 Wifi Modem)
2. Search your Wireless Network then connect.
3. Once connected, go to your Web Browser e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.
4. Type on the address bar of your web browser.
5. You will be prompted to input Username and Password (see image below)  
PLDT Negosyo Boost Wifi Modem

6. Default Username: admin and Password : admin
7. Click Login and you be redirected to Homepage
MF30 Global Mobile Hotspot (PLDT Negosyo Boost)

8. Click on Wi-Fi Settings
9. On Wi-Fi Settings, you can see 4 tabs menu, Station List, Basic, Security and WPS.
MF30 Global Mobile Hotspot (PLDT Negosyo Boost)

10. If you want to change your SSID or Wireless Network Name click on Basic tab, then change Network Name (SSID) to your desired Name and click Apply. (Note: You may skip this step if you do not want to change you SSID.)
11. To set Password on your Wireless Device click Security tab, on Security select WPA2-PSK. 

12. On WPA algorithms select tick on AES and in Pass Phrase type your desired Wi-Fi Password then click Apply.

That’s it.

Negosyo Boost Internet Anywhere from PLDT provides fast and reliable internet connection to your business. Internet Anywhere is one of the package from PLDT Negosyo Boost where you can connect to high speed internet using wireless device. With the speed of up to 3.6 Mbps and a wireless 3G router (MF30 ) at only Php1,800 a month. In  this post we will setup WiFi password for your MF30 modem to secure your internet connection.

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  1. Every time I open the security tab to create password for my wifi no images found. Just color blue background. How can I create password for my wifi? I followed your instructions many times.