Steps to Activate Transfer to Anyone on BPI Mobile App

Just enrol to BPI mobile banking and follow this few steps to easily activate your BPI Express fund transfer from your account to anyone.
I assume that you already have a BPI Express online mobile banking account while you’re reading this post.
In case you haven’t created yet an account yet just visit their website then enrol your ATM card.
BPI mobile app is available on most widely used platform like Android, iOS, Blackberry and hopefully in Windows Phone soon. You can easily download the app for free on your respective mobile OS app store. Just type ‘BPI’ on the search box then the app will appear on your search results, look for BPI only app name then install.

BPI Transfer to Anyone

Now let’s start using cool feature of BPI where you can transfer money to anyone, to your own and to third party.

How to activate BPI’ Transfer to Anyone’ feature:

1. Login your BPI Online Express account

BPI Mobile App login

2. Go to Transfer or More then tap on Transfer to Anyone

This will ask you to input the JAI (Joint Account Indicator) and device alias or name. This JAI refers to the number on the lower right of your ATM card. In my case it’s a 2 digit number.

3. Once the correct need details are provided or you will received an email from BPI stating that you are requesting to enable then Transfer to Anyone feature. (Make sure that the email you registered on BPI Express Online via web is still active and you can open it.)

BPI Transer to Anyone notification
BPI Transer to Anyone notification

4. You’re almost done, the next thing you’re looking for is the activation code.

5. To get the activation code you need to follow few simple steps indicated on the email sent to you from Express Mobile.

Follow below:
1.Insert ATM Card of enrolled account.
2.Enter PIN.
3.Select: Special Services -> Activate Enrollments -> Express Online
4. Once done, display message will appear on ATM machine telling you that EOL transfer to anyone has been enabled.
Note: Do this steps within 5 banking days.

6. To get the activation code, open your email account you used in enrolling BPI. You’ll receive the code in there. In my case it takes almost 24 hours to receive the message from BPI Express Mobile.

BPI Activation Code
BPI Activation Code sent via email

That’s it guys, once you get the code just key it in and you can now start the fund transfer to anyone feature from BPI.

Here’s what you can do when your BPI EXPRESS MOBILE's Transfer to Anyone has been activated:

In case you want to disable or deactive BPI mobile fund transfer to anyone, just to to More then tap on 'Disable Transfer to Anyone' then tap on 'Deactivate'.


  1. Anonymous12/22/2014

    I was new at this so i decided to choose the via signed form instead of via atm. Now when i realized it wanted me to send a printed paper form i quickly wanted to changr it to atm (which is more convinient, mind you) but it won't let me off the 'activation' part for the 6 digit numbers from the email. Is there anyway to cancel this? Anyway i'm going to the nearest branch for an SOS

  2. I dont know the JAI number of the account i was transfering money. What would i do?

  3. I want switch mobile phone and I cannot activate the transfer to anyone feature on my new phone. What will I do?


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