SSS.GOV.PH new Website and URL for their Members is now Up

Philippines, SSS official website is now up with a fresh and new look. You can now access the site via the old URL or you can go directly to its new homepage.
Just today I noticed that SSS official website has changed to a new look. After typing the URL on the address bar I was redirected to the new site for a few minutes.
When I successfully landed to its homepage I noticed that they now had a new URL which is New page arrangement, social networking buttons, new feeds, events and updates takes place on its homepage. On its left side you can see the member login field together with account recovery and online registration button.
SSS new website
SSS new Homepage

Accessing SSS new Website

As usual SSS page loads so slow, there are times that it you will experience operation timed out error while loading a certain page. I noticed also that the password expiry is made even longer unlike the previous where you need to change your password every 90 days.
SSS website down
Page timed out problem

Member’s contribution field looks the same from their old page; you can see your number of posted contribution from the start of your SSS coverage and total amount.

Based on my experience, using the old URL on accessing SSS website using click here redirect button takes time than directly using the URL mentioned above. Just paste it on the address bar of your browser and you’ll automatically landed to SSS webpage.

I would suggest using Mozilla Firefox when you are accessing their website as loads a little bit faster than the other browser I tried. Feel free to share you experiences on using SSS website using our comment box below.

For other SSS concerns you can call their hotline at (02) 920-6446 to 55 or email them at You can connect also via SSS Philippines Facebook at

Here's a tip to access SSS website, use IE (Internet Explorer) browser. Thanks to commenter below.

If you still having trouble using SSS website, you may our 5 Quick Tips to Access SSS Website Online for Members.


  1. Anonymous10/29/2014

    for now.. october 29, 2014 their site is down.. can't access.... and i need my employer to approved my online salary loan.. sigh!!! :(

  2. Anonymous10/31/2014

    Same here:( Why can't they hire a good IT software developer? They have the financial means, or are they making tipid again? And its our money their using to think of it, for the development of the Philippines (sigh). Patience is a virtue...

  3. Anonymous11/14/2014

    i can't access also my online account..can someone help us in our needs...????

  4. Anonymous11/14/2014

    if you need to deduct 1php from all member so that you can buy a better system or application for your online account im perfectly ok with that rather than waiting in vain so much stress on website

  5. They already have a good machine to start. Ang IT staff kasi na delay pa sweldohin e hindi talaga magtatagal sa isang job. Lalo na kung ang IT industry ay napakalaki at maraming opportunity. Dapat bigyan nila ng halaga yang IT staff kasi sobrang luma na ng "Paper System" na yan. Hindi na uso ang ganun ngaun. Sana gawan nila ng paraan to kasi ang tagal na nila system down. Kawawa tayong mga members. Haynako.

  6. Anonymous2/25/2015

    I'd like to follow up my mother's SSS retirement voucher. it has been 3 months since she started to receive her pension but she haven't received her voucher yet and we badly need that.

    You can reach me through this:

  7. Anonymous3/06/2015

    grabe naman.. pahirapan pag log-in sa sss website. paki ayos naman po... san na napupunta contributions namin?.. wala naman magandang serbisyo..

  8. what to do? na isnatch po wallet ko and andun ung sss id ko. need ko mag log in sa sss website. saan ko p[o ba mainquire ang sss number ko?

  9. Anonymous3/15/2015

    until now down and website, can login, maintenance daw...weeks na ko di maka login sa account ko

  10. Anonymous3/20/2015

    Down pa din for the longest time please naman SSS do something hindi naman kami na de delay ng contributions bakit ganun...

  11. Anonymous3/20/2015

    TIP... and it works! please use Internet Explorer.

  12. i am able to login but i cannot view my contributions and loan status...di tulad ng dating site napaka simple at user friendly...lahat na ng links na click ko but all i can see are documents and PDFs etc...etc...pti mga mukha ng mga wala naman kinalaman sa buhay ko pinpakita...i want to view my contributions just like the way that i used to please.

  13. Anonymous3/24/2015

    What kind of service you have? we can't connect on your website .magtrabaho kayo sayang mga hinuhulog namin at syang sweldo nyo na napakalaki.

  14. Anonymous3/24/2015

    Sa dami ng empleyado ng SSS ni isa walang marunong mag-ayos ng website nyo sayang mga pasahod sa inyo ng mga SSS member pano nyo masasabi na pinagaganda nyo serbisyo nyo?!!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous4/06/2015

    Use Internet Explorer po as your browser. gumagana po sia like nung dati.

    1. Anonymous4/11/2015

      Thanks Anonymous4/06/2015. Kala ko down. Mozilla gamit ko tapos ayaw lumabas ng info. dapat pala IE.

  16. Anonymous4/28/2015

    Gumagana po sa internet explorer, katatapos ko lng mag apply ng loan a minute ago.

  17. not working on IE and google chrome please help

  18. Anonymous5/13/2015

    I try to finish my registration but my problem is that Im not yet employed and just got my ss number. Now since im not a pensioner Its say there I need to answer my Current Membership/Registration Status at SSS... I don what to choose between:
    *Non - Working Spouse
    *Self - Employed
    *Overseas Contract Worker
    *Voluntary Member
    *Household Help

    I don't know which of this I belong cause I don't have any job yet.

    another is they as me about this too and I don't know what to input;

    If Self - Employed /Voluntary/Non-working Spouse/Overseas Contract Worker

    Please provide any RECEIPT NO. found on the RS5 Receipt Form of SSS
    paid at least 6 months prior to the current date

    If Employed/HouseHold

    Please provide any 13-digit SS Employer ID/Household SS Number where you worked for at least six months

    Please help! Cause I need to submit " My Loan Balance" to the first job I applied. Cause they ask that as part of my requirements to be submit soon. Please help. thank u

    1. Anonymous5/02/2016

      Natawa ako dito :D
      Wala ka naman loan sa SSS eh, dahil new ka pa lang. Kaya wala ka mailalagay sa loan balance lol. Just tell your pinagaapplyan na wala ka pa loan

  19. Anonymous5/16/2015

    SSS website BULOK na website !!!! pati ba naman inquirie sof members gus2ng pagkakitaan mas mabilis daw pag thru txt ang inquiry pero siempre my bayad 2.50 per txt aguy! contribution na lang ng taong bayan piahihirapan pa.

  20. Anonymous6/04/2015

    Ang bulok naman ng mga Web Developer ng SSS... panay post sa social media lang ang alam yatang gawin... Kung di down pag iniaccess mo ang SSS... my http error na lalabas.. internet explorer daw buksan sus. walang kuwenta

  21. Anonymous6/16/2015

    I wonder why they changed the old site.. It was way far better... In just few clicks I can already see the loan status, etc. Now, nothing... just senseless information.

  22. Anonymous6/29/2015


  23. Anonymous6/30/2015

    ang bagal naman mag load ng site tengena..

  24. Anonymous9/08/2015

    Ang bobobo ng mga developer at support ng SSS bukod sa hindi pag rereply ng sa e-mail laging error pa yung mga online account! pakshet!

  25. Anonymous12/08/2015

    Bwiset na sss online inquiry yan.... dami problema sa service pero sa employee grabe mag bigay ng bonus mga #### ....

  26. bakit ayaw ma view ang contributions??? pano namin makikita yung mga binayad namin????

  27. Anonymous4/25/2016

    Haay naku ang masasabi ko lang bulok website nyong SSS kayo kaya pwede ba pakitanggal na lang ta ala din nman kaming napapala jan super PAASA lang kayo!3 weeks na ay mag 4 na pala hanggang ngayon wala pa yung hinihintay kong loan! Naku kaka badtrip talaga!Kung makapag bonus kayo milyones naku! kakagigil lang kasi milyones kaya lang soooooooooobrrrrannng bagaaaaaaaal ng serbisyo nyo wal pang kwenta yang website nyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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