Sun Cellular’s Broadband Prepaid Kit Price now more Affordable

Get a USB Broadband from Sun Cellular, for only 595 pesos you can get free 1 hour internet access with their stronger and nationwide signal strength.
Internet is one of the most needed connectivity on every individual nowadays.
This is what every students, employee and even ordinary being wants to have on daily lives.  Surf all you want, update you Facebook account, do a research, stream videos and more, all of that is possible when internet is on your hand.

Sun Broadband
Image credit : @sundeals

Now here’s a good to all of you guys, one of our leading internet service providers in Philippines gives us the best deal to enjoy more on your summer vacation.  Sun Cellular lowers down the price of their USB Broadband Prepaid Kit for us to enjoy fast and reliable connection.

For only 595 pesos you can now own a USB modem that you can use on your laptop and desktop in connecting to internet using Sun Broadband SIM. See below included packages when you buy the device.

Sun Prepaid Broadband Kit

Price: 595 pesos
Free 1 hour internet surfing

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Just plug in the device to install the software for your Sun broadband dashboard. You need an administrator account on your computer to proceed with the installation. Here’s some useful links you can check when you’re using a Sun Broadband, Sun Broadband Settings and Configurations.