Monday, December 3, 2012

Configure Sun Broadband Wireless and DNS Configuration Setup

Most internet provider offers USB modem to access internet anywhere and on the go. Sun (Sun Cellular) is one of the local internet providers that offer wireless internet using USB modem. When using Sun Wireless Broadband all you have to do is plug the USB modem then follow the quick installation guide. Once you plug the device, your computer will automatically detect and prompt you to start the installation process. Just follow the Sun broadband wireless setup wizard ‘til finish and you device is ready to use after completing the process. Now we will proceed to the configuration of our Sun Broadband Wireless.

Sun Wireless Broadband Configuration

Sun Wireless Broadband Configuration How To:

On your Dashboard, go to Tools then click Options
Click on Profile Management, on Profile section you may use this configuration below:
Profile Name: Sun Broadband Standard
APN type: static
APN: fbband
Access Number:*99#
Leave Username and Password empty.
Go to Advanced
Select ‘PAP’
You may change the DNS settings in Authentication Protocol if wish (Use Open DNS, Google DNS etc.) just change it to static for you to input your desired DNS settings.

Open DNS

Google DNS

Click Save!

For Sun Broadband Wireless Prepaid

Profile Name: SUN Internet
APN type: static
APN: minternet
Access Number: *99#
Leave Username and Password empty.
You may set advance settings if you wish just follow above steps.

For SUN Broadband Wireless Nomad

Profile Name: SUN Broadband Wireless Nomad
APN type: static
APN: mbband
Access Number: *99#
Leave Username and Password empty.

Make sure to activate your sim just type ACTIVATE and send to 2300. That’s it hope it helps you configuring your Sun Broadband Wireless.

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  1. Anonymous6/30/2014

    i have a SUN broadband postpaid PLAN which is bundled with my phone. can i transfer sun my SIM card to Sun Pocket WiFi? is the internet still working?