Smart MEGA 250 - Unli Texts to All Networks, Call and Data for 30 days

Smart extended MEGA 250 promo, you can still enjoy texting all your friends to others networks for 30 days plus the free mobile internet and minutes of calls.
Smart prepaid reloaded the previous  Mega All-In 250 promo. For this year's offer, it now comes with additional promo bundles. From the usual unlimited text to all networks and …
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Smart prepaid reloaded the previous Mega All-In 250 promo. For this year's offer, it now comes with additional promo bundles.
From the usual unlimited text to all networks and free minutes of call now revamped with the added data package. You'll get 100MB mobile internet browsing for no price increase and the same 30 days validity period. With your 250 pesos, it can go for 1 month unli all net text, call plus mobile data.

Smart MEGA 250

How to Register Smart Mega 250 Promo

This promo was launched last year and now they extend it up to this month of 2019. If you haven’t try enrolling to Smart Prepaid Mega 250 promo, we will post the details below on how to register quickly by just sending the code or keyword.

How to register:

Just text MEGA250 to 9999

Via USSD code menu:
  1. Dial *123#.
  2. Select Other Offers.
  3. Select option for Mega All In.
  4. Select option 1 to subscribe.

You can also upgrade this promo to Giga Video+ 499 to enjoy:

  • 4GB data 
  • 1GB EVERY DAY for YouTube, iflix, NBA, Cignal & iWant 
  • UNLICALL to Smart/TNT/Sun 
  • Valid for 30 days.
Mega All In 250 Package includes:
  • Unlimited text to all networks (Smart, TNT, Sun Cellular, Globe and TM)
  • Free 180 minutes TRIN-NET calls
  • 100MB mobile surfing
  • Validity: 1 month / 30 days
  • Amount: 250 pesos

In case you want unlimited call and text to all networks just register to Smart UNLI30 and UNLI50 promo.

How to call in MEGA 250 free minutes?

The allotted minutes call can be use to call Sun, Smart and TNT sim user within the country only. To call, just dial *2477+11 digit mobile number of the person you are trying to call.

Sample format:


How to check your balance:
You can check via *123# menu or by texting ?1515 then send to 214. 

To know the latest and updated call, text and internet promos from Smart Prepaid, you can dial *123# using your cellphone or visit their website and social media pages.

Be aware also of excess mobile internet MB usage as you only got 100MB, once you fully consumed that standard rate will automatically apply. You may try to register unlimited mobile browsing via Smart Unlisurf Promo if you do not want a bandwidth limit. 

Make sure to maintain P1.00 balance on your Smart account to enjoy using this service for the whole month.


Anonymous said…
hopefully this promo will be extended the whole year. i think its one of Smart's good promo,

instead of the other Unli promos which are good for only half a month but can cost too much.
Anonymous said…
please extend this promo.
Unknown said…
how to stop this promo? for me to register again.
Anonymous said…
STOP send to 9990
Unknown said…
Available pa po ba itong promo na to till now? Thanks in advance..
Unknown said…
how to extend the call of this promo i already used my 180 minutes call i want to extend it.
Anonymous said…
Sana po i-extend nila ang promo laking ginhawa sa budget ito
Anonymous said…
Extended pa po ba itong promo ng smart? Sana po may sumagot.
Anonymous said…
how to stop the promo?
Anonymous said…
i want to subscribe to other promo " unlisurf 85 but the system is not allowing me. is it because im still subscribed to mega250 promo? what can you suggest.
Anonymous said…
why can't I access web surfing??? but why i can access clash of clans and some chat applications???
Unknown said…
avail pa ba tong promo na to?
Unknown said…
same question po here. AVAILABLE PA BA ITO? casue I just loaded 250 then sent mega250 to 2477 but I am receiving the message that I have insufficient funds!!!
Alex jayn said…
I register in mega250 and send to 9999. How will I call using this promo?
Unknown said…
Wala po bang extend parang tnt ? Pede iextend pag malapit na matapos ung promo
Anonymous said…
Paano po mag extended ng MB sa MEGA250. Ano po yung keyword at san po isesend? thanks
Anonymous said…
How to stop the MEGA250? Thank you.
Unknown said…
why is it i can't avail your promo?
Unknown said…
Many thanks for the reply quick to response to your query request for I have am keen now to for my a long term career relationship to and from I on the subject