Smart Mega All-in 250 Prepaid Promo - 30 days Unlitext to All Networks Plus Call

Smart's sulit 1 month unlimited text to all networks MEGA250 with free minutes call and internet data for browsing.
The latest MEGA250 promo from Smart Prepaid subscribers now comes with the package.
It offers unlimited text to all networks, 180 minutes domestic calls to Smart Sun and Talk N Text (Tri-Net) plus 100MB mobile internet browsing. For only P250 you can now enjoy that package which is valid for 30 days just make sure you have a maintaining balance of P1. This is one of Smart's affordable promo that you can use if you want less hassle by only doing a one time registration.
Mega 250

How to Register Smart Mega 250 Promo

Just text MEGA250 and send to 2477


Unlimited SMS to all networks
180  minutes of call to Smart, SUN, TNT (TRINET)
100 MB data for 30 days 
Only 250 pesos

How to call with MEGA250:

Justdial *2477 + the 11-digit mobile number. i.e. *247709281234567

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Update: MEGA 250 promo available is still available up to this year (2016) and subject to extension. You can visit Smart social media pages and website for more details and updated information regarding MEGA250 promo.


  1. pwede po ba ang talk n text dito sa promo nato?

  2. Anonymous4/12/2013

    available pa bo to ngaun?

  3. Ask q lang puh pag nag unli k ng mega250
    24 hours q b maga2mit ang internet o may
    Limit time po sya ??
    .. salamat po s inyo

  4. Pwede po ba ang mega 250 sa smartbro prepaid?

  5. ano po ang counterpart nito sa talk n text po.. thank u

    1. meron na po ba counter part sa talk n text nito ?

  6. Anonymous6/29/2013

    ^^what gezel said. thanks!

  7. Anonymous8/05/2013

    sana na di na alisin ang mega 250 ng smart sulit yan.


  8. Anonymous12/10/2013

    ask ko lang po pag nag due date po ba at napagload agad mag contiue po ba yung load nung dati at sa bagong load kung ma idadagdag po ba yung natirang load sa bagong load

  9. pwede po ba to sa smart Jump IN ?

  10. Anonymous7/02/2014

    pde po b sa smart bro sim to?

  11. Nakapagregister po ako sa mega 250. Unlitxt to all network is working. However I can't call and surf. Why? How?

  12. Anonymous9/13/2014

    Pwede po b sa jump in to

  13. Pwede ba to sa smart bro sim?

  14. I have been using these promo only this month. Since it is unlimited text to all network, I thought I can forward texts to my phone book list. However, I received a texts noting that I already consumed the limit for texting. I thought it's unlimited? What's the limit anyway?


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