Smart *7572 to Avail SOS Emergency Text to All Networks Promo

In case of emergency you can text your friends and love ones even if you're out of load using Smart SOS text services. Just dial the USSD code to avail 5 all net SMS.
Just received a notification from Smart asking if I need to text to other networks with 0 balance. I don't know if this part of their recently launched Smart Load Manager services, it contains the instructions on how to get 5 all net texts without loading to your SIM card. This is part of their updated services for 2016 where you can just dial the number or USSD code *7572 for an emergency load request.

Smart SOS load

How Smart Ask Emergency SOS Load Works

To loan or avail emergency 5 SMS text to all networks, just use Smart USSD code by directly dialing it on your phone menu.

How to register:
Just dial the code *7572 and you'll automatically rewarded with 5 SMS to all networks.

5 unli texts to all networks
Amount to be deducted: 5 pesos
Validity: 1 day

This service is not free. You will be automatically deducted on your next load. If you don't want to be deducted by Smart on your next reload try using their Request or Ask a Load service where you can ask any of your friends or family members load to be forwarded or share to you.