Sun Broadband consumable Power Plan for as low as 250 pesos

Get the most affordable Sun Cellular broadband plan for as low as 250 a month with Power Plan. You can now browse to internet or register to unlimited internet promo and also comes with optional Pocket Wi-Fi modem gadget to connect on the go.
Sun Cellular introduces their new broadband internet surfing plan where you can get a monthly consumable value equivalent to plan plus additional bonus hours. Availing this plan also gives you the lowest surfing rate for only 2.50 pesos per 15 minutes or you have also the freedom to use your allotted consumable to register it to any unli browsing promo.

Sun Power Plan

Sun Broadband Power Plan bundles

Here are the most affordable options you can get:

Plan 250
  • Consumable: 250 pesos
  • Additional free surfing hours: 10 hrs
  • Monthly charge: P250

Plan 450
  • Consumable: 450 pesos
  • Additional free surfing hours: 25 hrs
  • Monthly charge: P450

You can also bundle gadgets with Sun Broadband Power Plan, or you can get SIM only Plan with no additional charge or payment.

Sun Broadband
Sun Broadband Monday

Device that you can bundle with your Sun Plan 250 and 450:

  • One time charge: 888 pesos
  • Lock in period: 3 months

WiFi Stick
  • One time charge: 1,500 pesos
  • Lock in period: 6 months

Sun Pocket WiFi
  • One time charge: 2000 pesos
  • Lock in period: 6 months

For SIM only you need use it on a internet capable device to browse and use your allotted monthly consumable or you can convert on Sun Unlisurf Promo to enjoy unlimited internet browsing.

To those who avail Modem, Wifi Stick and Pocket Wi-Fi you need to use the dashboard when you plug it to your computer to fully maximize your monthly consumable. Just make sure to have a correct configuration to avoid having problem with your internet connection or you can visit Sun Broadband Configuration Settings.