Smart Proxy Server Settings on Their Pre-Configured Mobile APN Settings

Smart mobile proxy server settings you need to input on your APN to connect to the internet using Smart SIM card.
Every network provides mobile settings to their subscribers for them to use their services like internet, MMS, calls, text and other services. Smart is one of the networks here in Philippines that provides mobile services especially mobile internet, once you use their SIM you need to activate it to fully enjoy other services like data. For browsing you have to use their APN settings provided with details like Access Point, homepage, proxy server address proxy port.

Smart Proxy Server

Smart Proxy Server Settings

Smart uses three access point names, one is Smart GPRS, Smart MMS and the other one is Smart Internet. We’ll take a look with the details they provide once you request for activation and configuration. Before we start you may need to know the activation process of Smart.
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1.Smart GPRS
  • Access Point Name or APN: smart1
  • Proxy Server Address:
  • Proxy port number:  8080 or 9201 (input only 1 port number on your mobile phone)

This is what we can see when we go to our phones connectivity settings.  If you’re using older phones chances are you can’t edit or you can’t set these proxy details as it on pre-configure once you received the saved the configuration settings pushed by Smart on your phone. But don’t worry you can still set this proxy number and port by using Prov File Maker, with this tool you can set any proxy on your phone that has no options to edit proxy settings. Newer phone that has Windows, Android, Blackberry and iOS has already these settings.

2. Smart Internet
  • Access Point Name or APN: internet
  • Proxy Server Address:  (no proxy)
  • Proxy Port number: 8080 (no port)

Do note that you may not use proxy and port on these Smart Internet settings. Just leave fields empty, none or not set, you can still connect to the internet without adding the proxy and port as long as you internet the APN ‘internet’.

3. Smart MMS
  • Access Point Name or APN: mms
  • Proxy Server Address:  
  • Proxy Port number: 8080 or 9201

This setting is for MMS, if you want to send picture messages from your phone to your friend’s number who’s using a MMS capable phone. You need to input those proxy and port details above in your phone APN settings.