August 5, 2012 Updated : 2015-11-21T03:34:27Z

How To Activate SMART GPRS / 3G Settings - Access Point Names (APN)

Here's how to configure your 4G / LTE, 3G, GPRS and MMS settings with Smart network. You can activate your Smart settings directly fight via SMS and Sim Connect Menu, settings will be automatically sent to your phone. Steps provided below are for those whose want to configure Smart APN settings manually on their mobile phones.

Settings will work on any GPRS capable phone, Android, iPhone, Windows and tablets as long as you are using Smart SIM card. Activating this service lets you send SMS, MMS, videos and free internet access on their wap home page the other smart free sites. It also lets you their 3G/4G connectivity or even LTE if it's available on your area.


Here's how to activate your Smart GPRS, MMS and 3G APN Settings

1. Via SMS

Just type SET (your phone model) and send to 211
Smart will send you a configuration for your phone. 

Note: Once you receive the configuration, just key in the default PIN '1234'

2. Via SMART Menu

To enable your SIM CONNECT menu just text GET MENU and send to 9888 

On your SMART menu,  choose SIM CONNECT menu, then select MMS/GPRS/3G activation menu. 

3. Manual Smart APN Settings

Smart Internet APN Settings:

  • Connection Name: SmartInternet
  • APN: internet
  • PSA / Proxy Server: or (no PSA/Leave it blank or default)
  • Port: 8080 
  • Homepage:

Smart GPRS APN Settings:

  • Connection Name: SmartGPRS
  • APN: smart1
  • PSA / Proxy Server: or (no PSA/Leave it blank or default)
  • Port: 8080 
  • Homepage:

Smart MMS APN Settings:

  • Connection Name: SmartMMS
  • APN: mms
  • PSA / Proxy Server: or (no PSA/Leave it blank or default)
  • Port: 8080 or 9201
  • Homepage: 

If you're an Android phone user you can check out the guide we posted on Manual GPRS, MMS and 3G Setting for Android Smartphones.

We also added other network GPRS activation steps and tutorial on how to configure Talk N Text GPRS/WAP/3G settingsGlobe GPRS and APN Settings and Sun Cellular GPRS 3G MMS Settings Activation for your reference.


  1. Anonymous5/04/2013

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    how to active the enternet in smart sim in philippines,,and android cellphone

    1. you may see this workthrough on how to configure smart internet settings manually on your Android phone Manual GPRS, MMS, 3G Network Internet Settings on Your Android Mobile Phone

  3. Anonymous6/07/2013

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  7. Anonymous11/24/2013

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  11. Anonymous8/17/2014

    The default pin is not working for me. After i input the pin "1234" it keeps on prompting the same window. Help

  12. Anonymous9/22/2014

    Default PIN not working for me either. I use an Oppo Find 5, and I was sent the configuration settings. I chose Full install (not custom) and it prompted me to input the PIN. I did, but it just keeps asking for the PIN.

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