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July 26, 2015

Setup Smart LTE APN Settings for Android, Broadband and iOS

As Smart now offers LTE for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers, you can now say goodbye to your old slow mobile and broadband internet connection.
With up to 40Mbps download speed, you can do downloading, streaming, surfing, upload photos and more as long as you’re within Smart’s LTE coverage.
Smart LTE APN settings
Smart LTE (screen capture:
To try LTE with Smart, check our previous post on Smart Prepaid and Postpaid LTE Promo.

Once you’re registered, double check your phone APN settings to make sure you’re connecting to LTE wireless network of Smart. You can check or do a manual setup below, by the way it’s connected it APN ‘internet’ by default.

How to check and Setup Smart APN for LTE network


Go to Settings
Wireless and Networks
Mobile Networks
Access Point Names


Go to Settings
Cellular Data Network

Check your current Smart Internet settings or use this APN details for you phone, configuration below should work on any mobile device.

Name: Smart Internet
APN: internet
Proxy: Not set
Port: Not set
Username: Not set
Password: Not set
MMSC: Not set
MMS Proxy: Not set
MMS Port: Not set
MCC: 515
MNC: 03
Authentication Type: None
APN Type: default
APN Protocol: IPv4

For LTE Broadband and Pocket WiFi users you may use this below settings.

APN: internet
Access Number:*99#
IP Settings: Dynamic
Authentication Protocol: check PAP
DNS Settings: Dynamic
WINS Settings: Dynamic

Go to Tools then Options
Profile Management
Network Type
Select LTE only (to lock your device to LTE network, just make sure you have a strong signal on doing this)

For LTE Pocket Wifi APN settings

Go to Settings tab
Select Dial Up
Go to Profile Management and check APN setting it should be 'internet'
Go to Network Settings
Select preferred network, on Network dropdown menu select 4G only


  • Make sure that your area is covered and listed at  Smart LTE Coverage
  • A LTE capable mobile phone device (check your respective device features on this)

That’s it guys, hope it helps. Last tip, some users reported about changing ‘internet’ APN to gain faster internet speed. You also follow step by step guide to your phone settings using Smart user help and support page.

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