Cherry Mobile Q30 GPRS settings – Manual Configuration

Here’s how to tweak GPRS settings of your Cherry Mobile Q30. Manually configure your Q30 for you to connect to the internet and make use of your applications installed like Facebook. In this workthrough I use Globe SIM, you can follow the same process even if you use Smart, TM or Sun Cellular just make sure to fill in with the correct details of your network.
Cherry Mobile Q30

How to setup or manually configure internet settings of your Cherry Mobile Q30

Go to Menu
Data account
You can see the list of available APN with its corresponding SIM number - myGlobe INET (SIM1)
To edit APN, click Options then select Edit.
(To add new Access point just select Add PS account)
Account name: myGlobe INET

APN: (for other network, just input network its APN ex. Internet for Smart, minternet for Sun)
Username: leave empty
Password: leave empty
Auth. Type: Normal
SIM selection: SIM1 or SIM 2
Select Advanced settings to edit:
Connection type: HTTP
To add proxy select ‘Yes’ (Input proxy address recomended on your network or you can leave it empty)
On Proxy Address:
Proxy port: 0 or 80
Proxy username: leave empty
Proxy password: leave empty
To add DNS, input DNS details.
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
IP Address:
Subnet mask:
Once done editing or adding PS account/ Access point.
Go to Options and select Set as default.

Use the following network details as your reference:

Sun Cellular:
See Sun Cellular GPRS 3G MMS Settings Activation

That it, you may start using your internet needed apps.