Google Adds Google+ comments Widget to replace default Blogger comment box

Today as I opened my email account, one message catch my attention entitled “Bringing Google+ Comments to Blogger” which seems to be good news for us Blogger platform users. Readi…
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Today as I opened my email account, one message catch my attention entitled “Bringing Google+ Comments to Blogger” which seems to be good news for us Blogger platform users. Reading the message makes me excited to try these new features on Blogger. As I sat down in front of my computer, I hurriedly tested this Google+ comments integration to Blogger as it just a click away to add this comment box of blog.

Google Adds Google+ comments Widget

Adding Google+ Comments to Blogger Comment Box

To add the Google Plus comments to Blogger you must first upgrade your Blogger profile to Google+ . Upgrading your profile to Google+ is so easy, just login to your Blogger account and on your dashboard go to Google+  then click ‘Get Started’.

Things to take note before enabling or adding Google+ Comment on your blog.

1.If your use third party commenting platform like Facebook and Disqus those comments will not be retained once you use Google+ Comments. To default Blogger commenting platform users, your comments will be taken to this new widget and remain intact.

2.’Comment as’ options are not available in Google+ comments. Readers and viewers who want to post comment on your blog need to create a Google account. It means no more Livejournal, Wordpress, Typepad, AIM, OpenID, Name/URL and Anonymous commenter on you blog.

3.For those who are using custom or premium templates there is a tendency that this Google+ comments widget will not work properly. Google provide a piece of code for you to try on your template.

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4. The Google+ comments won’t work on private blogs.

How to enabler Google Plus Comments on your Blogger Blogger

Sign in to your Blogger account,  on your Blogger dashboard click Google+ then tick ‘Use Google+ Comments on this blog’ located right beside your Google+ profiles.

Testing Google+ comments

Enabling this Google+ comments on my Blogger adds a decent clean look as my blog uses only a default Blogger comment platform. You can choose where to share your comments and all things happen on your Google profile. A notification is received when someone share or comments on your blog post. For more Google+ features, you may see this post here.

Here’s what I noticed about this new Blogger Google+ comments, on your Posts dashboard you will notice an automatic addition 1 comment once you shared your post to your Google+ profile.

Once Google+ comments is enable, previous ‘Anonymous’ comments is not counted on you Post dashboard but it will still remain in Google+ comment box. Only those who post using a Google+ profile will counted and indicated on dashboard. See image below.

Web View - Google+ Comments
Another thing also about Anonymous commenter is that when you view your blog in mobile version and browse to the posts where Anonymous commenter posted is that it will automatically add a ‘0 comments’ note. See image below.

See Google+ Comments screenshots on Mobile and Web view.