Globe GoSAKTO – Budget / SAKTO Prepaid Promo from Globe

Globe just launches their GoSAKTO promo offers to all Globe prepaid subscribers that lets you create your own promo. As you can notice on your *143# menu, you can now see GoSAKTO in option 1 that lets you create a promo, decide a budget promo, key-in your favorite promo and manage your registrations. A first in the Philippines where you can decide to create your own promo that fits your needs and budget. Ika nga “ SAKTO sa kailangan mo”, “SAKTO sa name mo” a do it yourself promo, you can also share your created SAKTO promo to your Facebook friends.  Continue reading below on how to register Globe GoSAKTO Budget Promo.


How to Register Globe GoSAKTO Promo

  1. Dial *143# for free and select GoSAKTO
  2. Log on to to create your own promo via web
  3. Register via Facebook, just go to GOSAKTO App on Facebook key in your mobile number to create a promo.
You can also watch this Globe PH how to register and create GoSAKTO promo advertisement video with Xian Lim.

Check out also there created GoSAKTO promo offers with the following budget options from 10, 25, 30, 50, 100, 250 and 500 pesos. Affordable options include unlimited texts Globe/TM, unlimited calls Globe/TM, All Net texts, unlimited surfing and per MB browsing. 

(Source: Globe GoSAKTO)