Sun Broadband Monday 125 Pesos and Get 4 Days Unlimited Internet

Here is another unlimited internet promo offer from Sun Cellular where you can get 4 days unlimited internet browsing for only P125. All you have to do is load your sim and register to Sun Broadband Monday 125  on any Monday of the month and you will get 4 days unlimited internet browsing. It’s a great saving as Sun Broadband Wireless 1 day unlimited internet cost P50 and 3 days cost P100, with Sun Broadband Monday you save P75 as 4 days unli surfing cost only P125. You may continue reading after the jump break on how to register and how to load to get Sun Broadband Monday 125.

Sun Broadband Monday 125
Sun Broadband Monday 125

How to Register Sun Broadband Monday 125

Load up your sim on Monday with the amount of P125 regular load then text the keyword below:

Text SBW 125 then send to 247

Source: Sun Broadband Monday 125

Tips: Speed may vary depending on your network signal, 3G /HSDPA connection type has faster speed than GPRS/EDGE signal.  On your modem configuration do select 3G/UMTS preferred option if 3G is available on your area.

For configuration and settings you may also read Configure Sun Broadband Wireless and DNS Configuration Setup.