How to Setup Smart Bro APN Settings and Dashboard Configuration

Setup and configure your Smart Bro device APN settings for internet access on both prepaid and postpaid.
Just like other networks if you want to connect to the internet using Smart Bro you have to configure the correct APN settings.
Though all USB modem that comes from the internet provider like Smart (SmartBro), Globe (Tattoo), Sun Cellular (Sun Broadband Wireless) and PLDT (WeRoam) are pre configured with its proper internet settings. In some case this manual configuration is useful like for example you want to create new profile, you have unlocked a USB modem then you want to use Smart Bro sim card to connect to the internet and other cases like you want to delete or create new APN and profile settings.

Smart Bro APN
Smart Bro APN configuration file

Configure APN Settings for Smart Broadband

Go to Tools then Options
Profile Management then Dial Up
Profile name: Smart Bro
Dial Number: *99#
APN: smartbro

For Smart Bro Settings that works on both Postpaid and Prepaid Settings

For Smartbro Prepaid Settings
Profile Name / NameSmart Bro
Dial number*99#
For Smartbro Postpaid Settings
Profile Name / NameSmart Bro
Dial number*99#

If you want to configure Smart Bro sim on your tablet or mobile

APN Name:SmartBro/td>
Authentication type:PAP

You may also read this post on how to Configure Sun Broadband Wireless and DNS Configuration Setup.

That’s it before using the settings make sure that your 3G MMS GPRS settings is activated. To activate just type 3G ON and GPRS ON send to 333, MMS ON send to 3401. See How to activate Smart GPRS, MMS, 3G and APN settings.

Settings above will work on any network type even LTE, as long as you are using the right LTE APN on your 4G/LTE capable handset or device.


  1. does this still work at this time?

  2. Anonymous10/30/2013

    It still works thanks man!

  3. what about it's smart bro lte? will it use the same setting?

  4. can you teach me what is the apn stteings of smartbro lte on my phone

  5. i have a broadband huawei B683, can u please help me on how to configure. thank you, if im going to use smart bro sim or the globe tatto sim card. thank you

  6. Replies
    1. Anonymous2/06/2015

      Hi i'm EJ pa help nga po, i'm using smart bro sim, ang problem po nung una gumagana naman po yung mobile internet ko, pero nung minsan ginamit ko sya ayaw nang gumana hindi na lumalabas yung 3G saka yung H dun sa signal ko. Pag nag bbrowse ako ang lumalabas no internet connection, pano po ba gagawin ko para gumana ulit yung mobile int. Ko, yung lang po thank,

    2. Myphone agua rio po pala phone na gamit ko

  7. Anonymous10/10/2015

    Hi Guys, you might help me with my problem. I've accidentally disabled my smart bro pocket wifi and no matter how hard I try, I no longer search for the wifi, even with any device.

    1. you can use micro USB cable, plug it on you're laptop or PC. access it via etc... go to wireless settings and enable it again.

  8. Hi how can i change my APN settings on my smartbro lte pocket wifi


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