PLDT WeRoam Plus Configuration and Network APN Settings

One of the leading local internet provider (PLDT) in PH offer their wireless internet connectivity using USB broadband called PLDT WeRoam Plus. A USB modem that offers wireless connectivity anywhere with mobile broadband speed (3G/HSDPA/HSPA network). This post covers PLDT Weroam default APN settings and configuration for reference of other and troubleshooting purposes. We all know that all USB modem is pre configured by the service provider, in case you don’t know PLDT is using Smart network for their wireless internet products like PLDT WeRoam Plus broadband. You may find APN settings and configuration below:
PLDT WeRoam APN Settings

PLDT WeRoam APN Settings

On your PLDT WeRoam dashboard go Settings
Click on Network Settings then click on Config File
On Config File you can Add, Edit, View, Delete and Set your network settings.
Click Add (if you want to add or try another configuration)
Input this details on fields needed:

Config Filename: PLDT Weroam PLUS
Dial Number: *99#
Username: pldt@weroam
Password: pldt
APN: weroam
Authentication mode: PAP
Obtain DNS server address automatically (or if wish to try using DNS you can tick the other option)
Obtain PDP address automatically
Click OK and Save!

Other Weroam APN settings that you can use

APN Settings for WeRoam
Config Filename: PLDT Weroam PLUS
Dial Number: *99#
Username: blank
Password: blank
APN: weroamplan

PLDT Weroam is another perfect solution if you want an access internet anywhere anytime life. Weroam is mostly bundled with PLDT postpaid plan and commonly used on business office and companies as an alternative way to access internet when they are out of the office.